MAX Lights up the Night in the MV for “#SELFIE 〜ONNA Now〜”!

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MAX Lights up the Night in the MV for “#SELFIE 〜ONNA Now〜”!

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Veteran dance and vocal group MAX (Musical Active eXperience) has pulled out all the stops in the MV for their 20th anniversary single “#SELFIE 〜ONNA Now〜” (release date: July 22)!

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While the previously released MV with Hyadain in the studio was kind of cute, this new and improved version must be seen to believed! With LED accented outfits and a cast of fabulously dressed extras, MAX marches through the streets of Aoyama, Odaiba, Roppongi, and Shibuya, causing a scene that lives up to the reputation that Tokyo is known for. MAX even takes the party straight through the world-famous Shibuya scramble crossing! Of course, there is still plenty of the dancing that has been their trademark for 2 decades in the video as well.

For those of you who might be too young to remember, MAX is a dance group from Okinawa who debuted as Super Monkey’s during the early 1990’s with Namie Amuro as one of the members. After Amuro made her solo debut, 4 of the members formed MAX and went on to become one of the biggest selling female groups in Japan with their Eurobeat-influenced sound.

“#SELFIE 〜ONNA Now〜” is the 4th single in a row for MAX that is a cover and will be sold in a CD/DVD version and a CD-only version. The CD/DVD version comes with the MV and a dance video for “#SELFIE 〜ONNA Now〜”. Both versions also include a “FPM Remix” of the song and a coupling song titled “Ole!〜Happy Birthday〜”.

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