[Breaking News] Mai Fukagawa Announces Graduation from Nogizaka46

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[Breaking News] Mai Fukagawa Announces Graduation from Nogizaka46

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2015 was full of shocking and heartbreaking graduation year but 2016 might be as well. On January 7th, Nogizaka46’s Mai Fukagawa announced her graduation from the group on her blog.

The exact date of the graduation is not announced, but she will end her activities as Nogizaka46 with their 14th single to be released on March 23rd, according to the management’s comment on the official site. However, according to it, she will participate the events related to the new single’s release, such as hand-shaking events. It means probably she will stay the group until May or June, as she noted on her blog.


About the reason of the graduation, she commented that she started to think about leaving the group naturally. No crucial accidents happened, but she said she eventually started to feel like to start her new life. Although she says loves Nogizaka46 but to make something new happen to her life, the decision to leave the group was unavoidable for her. We just wish she will find a new way.

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