Introduce Yourself to the World of Cute and Magic! All About Magical Girls!!

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Introduce Yourself to the World of Cute and Magic! All About Magical Girls!!

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Many girls admired becoming a “mahou shoujo”, a girl or girls who uses magic, that appeared in the anime or manga. Many girls in Japan once or more played magic girl, and so might be for foreigners too! This pedia will introduce all about magic girls to dive into the kawaii and magical world.

The Rules of Magical Girls


Sailor Moon Crystal

The rules of magical girls depend on the theme of the story, but there are tacit understandings and cliches of magical girls in general. Understanding these will help you easily step into the world of magical girls.
Since they are often normal girls, many magical girls secretly hide about their magic powers. There are stories when their secrets are revealed to someone else, and at the end of the story deletes the person’s memory.

The motive might be different, but magic girls fight against evil to save the world. Different from superheroes, they have more episodes about love and adolescence.


Ojamajo Doremi

Many of the magical girls are school students that cope with both studies and magical girl activities; however, there are girls who has a part time job other than these. Stuffing “desire” of girls in a story is one of the characteristic that magic girl stories can do. Ojamajo Doremi series each assigns a job for the girls to open a store, such as an accessory shop and confectionary shop. Onpu Segawa, the purple hair girl in the above picture, also works as an idol, other than magical girl and student.

Each and every story differs in characteristic and theme, which you can find your own favorite magic girl series!!

Partners of Magic Girls

HeartCatchPrecure #02

Almost and always, magic girls have a pet or partner to count on when they become magic girls. Most of them can speak Japanese, and is some kind of an envoy from the magical world. They introduce how to use magic and lead the girls into the world of magic. The explanation is often explained by the partners when new ideas come up in the story.



Sayaka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

One of the important scene in magic girl episodes is the transforming scene. This is to transform from ordinary school girl into a magical girl. The transforming scene shows the changing of clothes into magical uniform is fascinating and lovely which fix the viewers’ eyes on the screen. The changing scene is almost the face of the story, so many motifs and colors that represent the character is used adequately. The scene constructs with magical tools, spells, and uniforms.

Tools used to Transform and Fighting

Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura

Many of the viewers should notice and desire the items used for transforming and fighting. Many types of items exist and each has its own motif that girls favor. In Cardcaptor Sakura, the heroine Sakura’s special ability is to twirl the baton, which her fighting item is a baton-like stick and tarot cards to summon a spirit of the drawn image on the card. Her transforming item is a key, which she keeps to herself as a charm of a necklace, that locks the book that keeps the tarot card in.

Spells used to Transform

Another important essence of transforming is the spells used to start the transforming. Some magic girls don’t have this, but instead state their name when posing after the transformation. When spelling and using the tools, the transformation starts. The spell is sometimes based on the motif of the story, or it might not be.

Fashion of Magic Girls


Shugo Chara!

Clothes that the magic girls wear are magical uniform, daily clothes, and school uniforms. They happen to get commercialized, collaborating with famous brands these days. Again, the theme is expressed diligently in the magical uniform, and the characteristic of the character is shown in daily clothes. The cuteness of the clothes appearing in the episodes grow the girl viewers’ interest in fashion!

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