Night Riders: lyrical school Unwrap Nocturnal MV for “Tsuretetteyo”!

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Night Riders: lyrical school Unwrap Nocturnal MV for “Tsuretetteyo”!

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lyrical school warm up on long winter nights with the MV for “Tsuretetteyo” from their double A-side single “Tsuretetteyo/CALL ME TIGHT” (release date: December 19)!

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Following the theme of the “night sky”, the members of lyrical school ride bicycles through the streets on a brisk autumn/winter evening while rapping about being taken out on a date. The music for “Tsuretetteyo” was composed and arranged by Kosuke Takahashi and Shigeki Tsuboko with lyrics by SUEKKO LIONS©.

“Tsuretetteyo/CALL ME TIGHT” will be released in 2 limited editions and a regular version. Limited edition Type-A includes a remix of “Tsuretetteyo” and limited edition Type-B includes a remix of “CALL ME TIGHT”. Lyrics for “CALL ME TIGHT” are by Junya Okubo and the music was composed/arranged by Anutha (aka Datakestra). lyrical school commemorate the release of the single with their one-man live “TAKE ME OUT” at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on December 16th.

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lyrical school one man live 2017 ”TAKE ME OUT”
December 16, 2017 (Sunday)

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