lyrical school Turns Up The Heat With the MV for “Natsuyasumi no BABY”!

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lyrical school Turns Up The Heat With the MV for “Natsuyasumi no BABY”!

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A revamped lyrical school returns to heat up the summer season with the MV for “Natsuyasumi no BABY” (release date: July 18)

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In their first single since resuming activities with their new lineup, lyrical school comes back with yet another hard-hitting summer party song. “Natsuyasumi no BABY” has lyrics written by Junya Okubo (a-na) and Masacherry Sensui, who also composed and arranged the music.

Prior to the release of the MV, lyrical school uploaded a series of teasers for 5 nights in a row.

“Natsuyasumi no BABY” will be released in a regular version as well as 5 separate limited versions for each member of the group. The coupling song “Concrete Jungle 〜Boy meets Girl〜” also has lyrics and music arrangement by Okubo and Sensui. Each individual member version will include audio skits of the members voices included.

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