Successful Final Live and Special Feature on Popular Cosplayer Luna Kamisaka

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Successful Final Live and Special Feature on Popular Cosplayer Luna Kamisaka

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Luna Kamisaka, popular cosplayer and representative of the cosplay world, held her LUNALIVE FINAL “SAPPHIRE” at Shibuya VUENOS TOKYO on September 24, 2016.


From the moment that the doors opened, the floor area was packed with “Tsuki-gumi” (Luna Kamisaka fans) who had come to see her final live performance.

The opening act was none other than voice actor Minoru Shiraishi doing a DJ set with graphic designer Ryo Asakura as the VJ! Such extravagance! Luna Kamisaka’s performance began with a live band accompanying her for the popular vocaloid song “Senbonzakura” and Macross Frontier theme song “Lion”. It was a presentation capable of shaming even professional singers! The venue was buzzing with excitement as popular male cosplayer KANAME☆, her dear friend Rei Fujinagi, and Coyomi made their appearance on the stage.

Unfortunately, it seems that Luna has plans to reduce her cosplay activities after her final live.

Here I would like to introduce some of Luna’s masterpiece cosplays.

Yuna (Final Fantasy X/X-2)

It’s as if Yuna leapt out from the 2-dimensional world of Final Fantasy!

Contributor Wanted!!

It is a miraculous recreation of the famous “Otherworld Sending” (異界送り, Ikai Okuri) scene. The photos were taken at Okinawa’s Ishigaki Island by the genius photographer Lewo Saito and computer graphic effects were added by Ryo Asakura; a truly magnificent lineup of creators!

Kyaro (Shironeko Project)

Even more than the high quality of the outfit, the weapon has also been made with painstaking attention to the finest of details.

Tsukimi (Shironeko Project)


Cosplay of the popular mage Tsukimi from the mobile game Shironeko Project. The overwhelming high level of perfection of the cosplay became a hot topic online.


These photos were also made possible with the assistance of the “golden combo” of Lewo Saito and Ryo Asakura.

What are your impressions?

Even though Luna may be reducing her cosplay activities, her production will continue so I have high expectations of what she will come up with in the future!

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