LoVendoЯ Sets The House On Fire, Long-Awaited Spring Tour Begins

LoVendoЯ Sets The House On Fire, Long-Awaited Spring Tour Begins


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LoVendoЯ completed the first day of “LoVendoЯ LIVE TOUR 2014 SprinteЯ ~Bitter&Sweet~” at TSUTAYA O-WEST, Tokyo, on April 15.

The live started with an unreleased song “Sweet Tweet” which the guitarist Yuki Uozumi composed. The audiences responded to the bold rock sound with a burst of oi! call, and extreme high jumps.

When Reina Tnaka declared the opening of the live tour at loud, the fans exploded in joy, as if they said this is the moment we’ve been waiting for.

This spring tour features their original tracks which fans have been waiting for since its debut. The numbers of the original songs they play in a live has increased to seven this tour.
Musebinaku“, that is included on the latest mini album “Bukiyou“, was also performed on the night.

By the way, the recording of the song “Musebinaku” was carried out under the guidance of the musician Takui Nakajima. Reina asked him for tips sing it more seriously.

Back to the stage, the new comer “Bitter&Sweet” kept the live rolling. “Bitter&Sweet” is a unit of Asahi Tasaki and Moemi Hasegawa. Asahi bravely played the piano using her whole but very slim body. When Asahi&Moemi’s transparent voices fit the strong guitar and drum, it was the moment they opened a new chapter.

The last song for Bitter&Sweet was performed with LoVendoЯ, the classic, “Ameagari no Yozora ni“. The session welcomed fans chorus, the six girls on the stage and the fans united as one.

In the last MC, Marina Okada said, “I was nervous before I have the day, because we haven’t hold live a while, but Tanaka-san eased my tension. I‘m gonna charge through the tour!!”

Yuki Uozumi “We have many original songs this tour, but they’re very tough to play~. But I think live grows up one by one, so please continue supporting us.”

Marin Miyazawa “I felt home today, by surrounding your hearty cheers. I am blessed, thank you.”

Reina Tanaka hilariously spoke her thought and enthusiasm for the tour.
“The first day flew like a flash. Before we came on the stage, we behaved very nervously and tried to remove it. It was the day I got the lesson that we can relax by talking each other. Because the tour takes three months to end, I will push myself, and back to basics, be true to our original intention!!”

At the end of the live, “Dakedo Mou Ichido, Soredemo Mou Ichido” burned up every single one in the house. A hand-written big lyric sheet made by Marina Okada, appeared on the stage. It was the members’ wish to sing it with fans.

LoVendoЯ LIVE TOUR 2014 SprinteЯ ~Bitter&Sweet~
April 15 (TUE) TSUTAYA O-WEST(Tokyo) 19:30
April 20 (SUN) HEAVEN’S ROCK Saitama shintoshin(Saitama) 18:30
April 26 (SAT) Nagasaki DRUM Be-7(Nagasaki) 18:00
April 27 (SUN) Fukuoka DRUM SON(Fukuoka) 15:30
May 4 (SUN) Shibuya GARRET(Tokyo) 15:00、18:30
May 13 (TUE) Sapporo COLONY(Hokkaido) 19:00
May 16 (FRI) OSAKA MUSE(Osaka) 19:30
May 18 (SUN) Nagoya Bottom Line(Aichi) 18:30
June 1 (SUN) Kashiwa PALOOZA(Chiba) 18:30
June 7 (SAT) Shibuya GARRET(Tokyo) 15:00、18:30
June 22 (SUN) Sendai darwin(Miyagi) 17:00
June 28 (SAT) Nishikawaguchi Hearts(Saitama) 18:30
July 5 (SAT) Shibuya GARRET(Tokyo) 15:00、18:30
July 19 (SAT) F.A.D YOKOHAMA(Kanagawa) 18:30

written by Yuji Hara

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