LoVendoЯ Begins Anew! Mini-Album Release Announced at Fan Club Event!

LoVendoЯ Begins Anew! Mini-Album Release Announced at Fan Club Event!

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LoVendoЯ held their first fan club event since the graduation of guitarist Yuki Uozumi in late 2016 at Shinjuku ReNY on March 12, 2017, announcing the release of a new mini-album!


Appearing on the stage in black outfits coordinated by Reina Tanaka, Marin Miyazawa and Marina Okada began the show with “Ikujinashi”. Following up with the sentimental “Takaramono”, LoVendoЯ picked the tempo back up with a cover of K-pop group AOA’s “Ai wo Choudai feat TAKANORI NISHIKAWA (T.M.Revolution)”. Reina explained, “I really like the song and I was really charmed by the cuteness of their singing voices. I wondered what it would sound like with a different type of voice singing and so I said to “Okamari” (Okada), ‘I think it’d be good if you tried singing it’, and so I had a small dream of mine come true today.”


The middle of the event featured a janken tournament with the winners receiving T-shirts that the members had worn during LoVendoЯ LIVE TOUR 2016 ~POWEЯ! and autographed flags that had been part of the stage decoration. With such super rare items made available, it truly lived up to its billing as a fan club event.


The solo part had Marina Okada softly singing “Tabidachi no Kane”, the song which she had composed the music and written the lyrics for, followed by Reina’s cover of Wagakki Band’s “Yoshiwara Lament”, bewitching the audience as she gently waved the air with a feathered fan as she sang and danced.

Marina reappeared on stage eating one of the shichimi shoyu-flavored karinto that was included with nama-shashin of LoVendoЯ and sold at the event. Reina and Marin joined her as they talked about the other special items such as the T-shirts with their portraits on them and key holders.


“Dakedo Mou Ichido Sorede Mou Ichido”, a song full of the imagery of LoVendoЯ’s new start as a trio, and the poppy “Buppanase! Baby, I Love Ya!”, which was composed by Hyadain (Ken’ichi Maeyamada), the concert drew to a close.

In her closing remarks, Reina shared:

I think for LoVendoЯ, today was a really special day. Since we became a 3-piece, this was the first event we’ve really done isn’t it? Because, I think people might have been worried since we became a group of 3, no? As LoVendoЯ we didn’t have anything (since then) and on our blog there would be comments complaining about it. I read them carefully. Things like, ‘what’s happening?’ and I was thinking like ‘Please wait!’ in my heart (laugh) . I knew what was happening but, no one knew everything that was happening. And when we would have our own individual work, I could feel people asking, ‘What about LoVendoЯ?’. If I were one of you, I would decide whether I should keep following LoVendoЯ seeing how things went today. You might be thinking ‘Hey as a trio, they’re boring, really boring, super boring (fans laughing), but, if you think we’re still fun, I believe you would come to see us again when we announce what LoVendoЯ will be doing in the future, so today was a battle.


Upon hearing Reina’s declaration, Marina asked the audience, “How was today?”. A question which lead to a loud cheer once Reina announced that LoVendoЯ would be releasing a mini-album.

Since the graduation of Yuki Uozumi, Marina had been involved with fishing and Marin had been active on gaming programs, while Reina had been rehearsing for a stage play, each working hard to excel in their solo projects but, it had left fans with an uneasy feeling of what was going on with LoVendoЯ. The announcement, made at a fan club event attended by the group’s most loyal fans, served to put those fears to rest of what they would do as a 3-member group. The mini-album is scheduled to be released in the summer with more details to be made available in the near future.

Mini interview with the members of LoVendoЯ after the event.


Reina Tanaka

For us to release a mini-album after such a long time, at first I had a feeling like, ‘Oh really?’ (smiles) but for us to do an event today, it was really fun when we performed a new song. Up until now it was ‘The guitars do their own thing so I didn’t know about it, I only had to teach ‘Okamari’ the choreography, right?’ But as a 3-piece, we have to come together and think more about our performance. There was the part at the end where we just kind of went with the flow and did the jump but, when we actually did it, there was a feeling like ‘Let’s go for it!’ which I was really glad came out in the song. I hope people are able to see that the new LoVendoЯ has that kind of fun spirit.

Marina Okada

There was a long period when we didn’t do things as a group so I could feel the anxiety of the fans wondering, ‘Is it okay to support LoVendoЯ?’, and I also had those same doubts. I think by having a live after all this time and announcing the mini-album, we could put their minds at ease. Please come along with LoVendoЯ from now on too! I’m really happy about the new song “Buppanase! Baby, I Love Ya!” because I love Hyadain and was hoping that he would make a song for us, even asking the staff to send him a request so I’m really happy me made a song that I can sing.

Marin Miyazawa

The new song “Buppanase! Baby, I Love Ya!” is a song to cancel out all the doubts that the fans had been harboring and I believe we accomplished that by performing it on stage today. I’m going to be working hard on the choreography with the 2 vocalists, the part at the end where I took out the shield I think it’s a new kind of song that people won’t get tired of easily. With the announcement of the mini-album, I hope that we can turn the fans’ worries into hopeful expectation.

Set List

01 Ikujinashi
02 Takaramono
03 Ai wo Choudai
04 Tabidachi no Kane
05 Yoshiwara Lament
06 Dakedo Mou Ichido Sorede Mou Ichido
07 Buppanase! Baby, I Love Ya!

Musical “Aku no Musume” starring Reina Tanaka
Date : June 4 ~ 11, 2017
Theatre : Owl Spot
Website :

Marina Okada on a TV program
Fishing Club :

Marin Miyazawa on a web streaming program
Nico Nico Nama Housou “Danjin☆Gecha!” :
On every Thursday 21:00~23:00

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