LinQ Take in the Sights of Hakata From an Double Decker Bus in the MV for “Supreme”!

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LinQ Take in the Sights of Hakata From an Double Decker Bus in the MV for “Supreme”!

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LinQ show off the sights of their southern home of Fukuoka in the MV for their 13th single “Supreme” (release date: March 23)!

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In the MV, the 26 members of LinQ pile into a Fukuoka Open Top Bus and take in the sights of their city, highlights including Canal City Hakata, Seaside Momochi, and the Fukuoka City Office’s grand lawn. With “Supreme” being the last single for Miku Ichinose, Chisei Fukase, and Kurumi Matsumura who will be graduating from the group, and the first for new member Mai Hoshino, there is a strong feeling of history in the MV, particularly in the scene where they slowly get off the bus and Mai gets on.

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There is also a “director’s cut” version of the MV focusing on Chisei Fukase hamming it up from behind the camera. Perhaps it’s a preview of something she may end up doing after she graduates from LinQ?

“Supreme” is the theme song for the film “Minna Suitouto” which opens on March 19th and stars the members of LinQ as a version of themselves facing imminent disbandment.

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“Supreme” will be sold in 3 different versions: a limited edition, a “gakkyoku” version, and a regular version. The coupling song for all versions is titled “Sweet Dream” and was composed and arranged by SHiNTA with lyrics by H, just as with the lead track. The bonus track for the limited edition is a cover of Yuichiro Oda’s “Aoi Sangoshou”. The bonus track for the “gakkyoku” version is titled “Kimi ga Itakara” with lyrics by LinQ members Sakura Araki, Asaka Sakai, Ayaka Oba, and Kana Fukuyama with lyrics and arrangement by SHiNTA. The bonus track for the regular version is titled “Po! Si! Tive!” with SHiNTA handling everything (music/arrangement/lyrics).

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