Get a Chance! LADYBABY Unveils New Artworks and Details for Upcoming Single “Renge Chance!”

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Get a Chance! LADYBABY Unveils New Artworks and Details for Upcoming Single “Renge Chance!”

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LADYBABY revealed the details of their upcoming 3rd single “Renge Chance!” (release date : April 13th) and the artworks of it!


From “Renge Chance!”




Rie Kaneko


Rei Kuromiya

As they already announced on their YouTube, “Renge Chance!” has been produced by Mofuku-chan (Dear Stage, Niji no Conquistador) with lyrics by Kenji Otsuki (Kinniku Shojo-Tai) and music composed by NARASAKI.


The artwork of the single is by Yuji Susaki, the photographer who is known especially for his work “COSPLAY MADE IN JAPAN”. For the coupling song “C’est si Bon Kibun“, Kanae Higashi, the hand-knitting brand’s designer, joined the creative team for their costumes and video. A photographer Erika Iida also joined the team to take a part of photograph works. Those cutting-edge creators will definitely bring new charms of LADYBABY to the world!


From “C’est si Bon Kibun”

ladybaby-renge-chance-artwork-details-06 ladybaby-renge-chance-artwork-details-08 ladybaby-renge-chance-artwork-details-09 ladybaby-renge-chance-artwork-details-10

They are having their first one-man live in Japan at Shinjuku BLAZE on April 15, 2016, and the tickets were sold out immediately (no information about door tickets yet)!  They will also appear on our global TV program on NHK World on February 19th (check the details here) and keep bringing new sensation!

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Luckily we could had short interview with LADYBABY during the MV shooting (and took plenty of cute pictures as well), so it will come out at the same timing with MV’s release! The MVs will definitely astonish you, so stay tuned until it’s revealed!

Details information of the 3rd single
Release date : April 13th, 2016
Price : 1,500 yen (+tax)
CD+2 DVD included

1st song : Renge Chance!
Lyrics : Kenji Ootsuki
Composer : NARASAKI
Sound producer : Mofuku-chan

2nd song : C’est si Bon Kibun
Lyrics : Natsumi Tadano
Composer : Takashi Asano
Sound producer : Mofuku-chan

LADYBABY 1st Japan Oneman Live 2016 〜Sekai no Rule wo Kaechaou〜
April 15, 2016 (Friday)
Shinjuku BLAZE, 1-21-7 Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo

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Renge Chance! 

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