Everyone is Ladybeard? LADYBABY Appears in Commercial for Mobile Game Shao-Nian-Yong-Zhe-Tuan!
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For all of you out there starving for your dose of LADYBABY while they are on hiatus, a commercial for the mobile game for iOS Shao-Nian-Yong-Zhe-Tuan (少年勇者团) aka Combo Warrior seems to have arrived just in time!

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Unable to defeat a powerful enemy, Rie, Rei, and Bea-chan are forced to use their powers to summon a powerful champion, which turns out to be multiple Ladybeards! The enemy is also Ladybeard! Best of all, the world gets to see their smiles once again!

There is even a MV for the theme song which features live footage from “LADYBABY 1st Japan Oneman Live 2016 〜Sekai no Rule wo Kaechaou〜” at Shinjuku BLAZE on April 15, 2016! While the name of the song has yet to be released, we hope that it’s something to be included on a release once they return!

Contributor Wanted!!

Please come back soon LADYBABY, we miss you.

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