Willly Wonka Must Be Jealous! The Creator of Sweets Art, KUNIKA’s Exhibition,EDEN!

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Willly Wonka Must Be Jealous! The Creator of Sweets Art, KUNIKA’s Exhibition,EDEN!

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KUNIKA is a sweets artist. Those of you who like Japanese Kawaii culture, especially fashion, have probably seen one of her works before. The fantasy cute world she creates have moved the hearts of many girls. She is also known for collaborating with many famous artists like KyariPamyuPamyu and AKB48 and even famous fashion brands like JEFFERY CAMPBELL. We went to see KUNIKA’s 5th exhibition “EDEN“.



It was my first time seeing her artworks, and honestly I didn’t think it would be this amazing! This is all made out of icing! What’s even more amazing that all of this all made by hand just by her! When overlapping colors, without making it completely dry, it would bleed, so she can’t make them all at once. If it is too humid, it won’t dry like usual and before this exhibition, there was a typhoon and she was very worried if her pieces would be complete on time.

She originally likes pastel colors, creating many light colored cute works, and I think many people have this image. But, in this times exhibition, she tried colors like navy and purple for the first time. Along with her original dreamy kind of pieces, these new works have a new taste creating a fantasy and oriental atmosphere.

KUNIKA told us how she wanted to create something that was unrealistic and something that you wouldn’t see in the natural world as much as possible. In order to create this special works, she is even very picky about the parts she plans to use in her works. She uses parts from friends who specialize in buying antiques from other countries, and even sea shells she picks up at the shore. She wants to use things that are rare as possible.

Even though KUNIKA loves this fantasy world, she also likes nature like the ocean and the sunset. This piece is a picture taken buy KUNIKA when she went diving in the sea at Okinawa. She adds on to just a picture creating another piece of her fantasy world.

No matter where you look or where you take pictures of, it’s full of happiness and cuteness and everything a girl would love. It was like an Eden, just like the name of this exhibition.

She said she wanted more people to know what she is doing, and how they feel when they see her works. No matter who they are, where they come from, I think any girl would definitely think that her works are Kawaii!

It sure will be exciting to see what new and dreamy things she will create!

Time: 13:00-19:30
Entrance Fee:500 yen
Place:notoria Gallery 〒150-0041 Tokyo-to Shibuya-ku Jinnan 1-10-7 Terusu Jinnan 4F
Those who come get an original post card!

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