Kson; Wild and Sexy Streamer on Niconico From the South, Talks About Her Love of Japanese Games.

Kson; Wild and Sexy Streamer on Niconico From the South,  Talks About Her Love of Japanese Games.

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A beautiful streamer from the Southern United States, Kson has attracted a lot of people on Niconico; which is Japan’s largest social video website.
Her “SIREN: New Translation” playthrough video has been viewed more than 710,000 times by now which is an unusual thing on Niconico.
She was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She came to Japan for her parents’ work about 10 years ago and she lives in Japan ever since.

She has an amazing figure and usually wearing a sexy costume when she appears in public.
To the contrary, the way she talks in Japanese is very unique. It’s because she learned most of her Japanese by playing games. It sounds very cute and funny.
A lot of people are attracted by the difference between her looks and her personality. She is now in the advertisement of popular Chinese app game; KNIVES OUT. Also, she frequently appears on Niconico’s official gaming programs. She is definitely one of the hottest streamers in Japan right now.

Mostly female fans!


I met Kson at Chokaigi, which is an annual convention held by Niconico on April 28-29th 2018.
After her appearance on stage, we were sitting on a bench and talking.
Then suddenly fans were coming towards her asking for selfies and autographs.


There was a fan started crying with excitement when Kson hugs her.
I had imagined that Kson has more male fans than female fans because she is a beautiful woman and wearing sexy clothes. But to my surprise, the majority of her fans were female.

I love Ryū ga Gotoku!


Ever since my husband introduced her to me, I know she likes Japanese games so much.
But I have seen her playing a whole variety of games on Niconico. So I asked,

-What is your favorite Japanese game of all time?

”I love Ryū ga Gotoku! It is definitely the best Japanese game ever.”

Kson told me how much she likes Ryū ga Gotoku.
Ryū ga Gotoku, in Japanese “Like a Dragon”, is an action-adventure video game developed and published by SEGA. They changed the name as “Yakuza” for overseas sales.Original Ryū ga Gotoku game was released in Japan in 2005, and outside of Japan the following year. The story follows a yakuza; which means Japanese mafia, named Kazuma Kiryu, who after spending ten years in jail for a crime he did not commit.
There are so many enthusiastic fans of this game not only in Japan but also overseas. So they have dubbed version available but Kson only plays the original Japanese version.

– How did you know about “Ryū ga Gotoku” series?

Kson- Actually, my ex-boyfriend used to play Ryū ga Gotoku but I was just looking at when he was playing it. Even though there’s a ton of substories in Ryū ga Gotoku, he only plays the main story and gets it over with quickly.
After we broke up, I was really curious about those substories so I ended up getting it for myself and start playing. Then I totally hooked up with the world of Ryū ga Gotoku.

I Study Japanese to understand the soul of Yakuza.

“I inevitably began studying Japanese to know about yakuza.”
Kson told to me how she started studying Japanese.
“Yakuza is translated as gang or mafia, but there is a sense of incompatibility.
Therefore, the word Yakuza itself has already become English.”
One of the reasons why Ryū ga Gotoku is so popular is not only epic battles but also it is full of heart, humor, and human dramas.
“In order to understand the true feelings of the characters, I had to study Japanese so that I can discover just what it means to become a Japanese yakuza.”

– Are you not afraid of yakuza and those violet scenes?

Kson- Well, if I saw them in real life I will definitely be intimidated. So I punch them in the face only in the game!

– Who is your favorite character in Ryū ga Gotoku?

Kson- Of course, Kazuma Kiryu! Mr.Kiryu is the coolest man in the world!

Kazuma Kiryu ©SEGA

Kazuma Kiryu ©SEGA

– Is there any female character you like?

Kson- I like Yayoi Dojima. She’s like Gokutuma; which means yakuza’s wife. She took over her husband’s place after he got killed.

Unofficial poster girl 

Kson has been hooked on Ryū ga Gotoku and as turned into an enthusiast to make a video which almost like a commercial on TV.
It became a hot topic on the Internet.


Kson’s Let’s play Ryū ga Gotoku video:

Thoroughly get involved; I’m a Ge-chiku.

She calls herself “Ge-chiku” which means people who play through a video game thoroughly for the additional challenge. Ge-chiku is a Japanese Internet slang derives from the word “Sha-chiku” which means being a corporate slave.


“I play so many times in order to accomplish every single substory. I collect all the trophies on PlayStation. Although Ryū ga Gotoku 4 was released almost 8 years ago, I haven’t completed yet so I’m still playing! Also, there’s an Oiran /Geisha game in Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin which is really hard! You need very high-level technique so it is even hard for Japanese people to play perfectly.”


Gaming is my life!

– You have an amazing figure. Do you do any exercise to keep your body in good shape?

Kson- No, I don’t do anything. I’m low maintenance, actually.
I couldn’t care less about how I look when I play games. Now I’m wearing makeup but it is really rare for me wearing makeup 2 days in a row.
You know, when you put on makeup you’ll have to take it off, right? I’d rather play games if I have time for it.

– Is there anything particular that you like to do when you have some time off aside from gaming? Like, going out with your boyfriend?

Kson- Well, I’m “Comyu shou” which is Japanese slang to point out the low communication skill, and my boyfriend is SEGA! So, we stay at home and play games all day.

I just do what I want to do.

Mostly on live streaming video platforms, viewers can donate money through the program or pay a subscription fee to support their favorite streamers. Therefore, streamers can earn revenue by video game live streaming and posting videos.
Besides the fact that there are a lot of people monetize their channels and making money on live streaming video platforms, Niconico still doesn’t have that kind of system.


– If you become a popular streamer on other platforms, you will be able to make a living by just streaming or posting videos. Have you ever thought about becoming a full-time streamer or a professional Youtuber?

Kson- Well, I do have a job. So I don’t need to make any money by my stream or posting videos.
I’m doing it just for fun.”

My goal is to be a character of Ryū ga Gotoku!

Ryū ga Gotoku recruit openly people who will become models of the upcoming new game characters. They have done some auditions and people can vote for the new models of the characters. In 2016, five women had passed the audition as a Cabaret Hostess role for the latest series, Ryū ga Gotoku 6.

I hope someday Kson will appear in Ryū ga Gotoku as the role of Kiryu’s wife!

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