For Your Better Convenient Life! What are the 3 Top Famous Convenience Stores Known For?

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For Your Better Convenient Life! What are the 3 Top Famous Convenience Stores Known For?

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Japan is filled with convenience stores, commonly known as konbini.  To Japanese people, konbini is something we must have in our daily lives and I think many people have been helped out thanks to its presence.

As it is called a “Convenience” store, it really has become convenient. Of course you can buy food, but you can also buy detergent, socks, and books, print documents, take out cash and many other things! Of course depending on the item, it is cheaper to buy them at different places, but what is best about konbini is that it is everywhere, and whenever you are in need of something in a emergency, konbini is there for your rescue.

The 3 most well-known convenience stores are: 7-Eleven, Family Mart, and Lawson. Each konbini is known for its specialty. This may also be useful for you if you are looking for something!



7-Eleven is most famous for their bento. The start of the popularity was from the Makunouchi Bento. The Makunouchi bento has many kinds of food inside. It has the image of being sold at very expensive places, but 7-Eleven released this Bento at an affordable price which was shocking to many people.


Now, the popularity of 7-Eleven not only comes from its bento but also prepared meals. The prepared meals sold by the 7-Eleven brands are so good you probably won’t have to cook anymore!


Family Mart


At Family Mart, you can earn T-point card points when you buy something.



The most popular foods are Fami-Chiki and Spicy Chicken. The hot snacks corner exists in almost all konbini but, the chicken at Family Mart is most famous!


The “Ore no Eclair” and “Ore no Purin” are very popular among the sweets variety. You can also buy items from Mujirushi youhin (aka MUJI) at Family Mart too.




Lawson is said to have started the popularity of konbini sweets. Their biggest hit was the roll cake which you ate with a spoon. No matter how bad your day was, konbini sweets make your day better so, we should really thank Lawson for thinking of this!


From their hot snacks corner, “Karaage-kun” is very popular and they have many kinds of limited time flavors so, you never get tired of it. From the food corner, their Tamago Sandwich and pastas are very popular!


Here are some more useful tips!

1. The person at the register may ask you, “Atatamemasuka?” meaning, “Would you like to heat it up?”. In most cases, they ask you this because the item you bought tastes better when warm. Go ahead and have it heated up.

2. If you don’t have a printer at home, print it at a konbini! You can save your files on a USB and print at the printer in the konbini.

3. If you do some net shopping, and usually are out of the house most of the day, I think most people hate the fuss to get your mail sent to your house again. But in Japan you can have them send what you bought to your nearest konbini and receive it there.

Find your favorite konbini, and have your convenient life in Japan!

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