Keyakizaka46 Yui Imaizumi Is Taking A Temporary Hiatus Due to Health Issues

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Keyakizaka46 Yui Imaizumi Is Taking A Temporary Hiatus Due to Health Issues

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Since last weekend, Yui Imaizumi, has not been attending Keyakizaka46’s Fukyouwaon Kobetsu handshake and Futari Saison’s Special event, leaving fans suspicious as to what happened to her. On April 13, it was officially announced by Keyakizaka46’s management that her activities with Keyakizaka46 will be on temporary hiatus as she concentrates on recuperating. This decision was made after her doctor did a diagnosis and advised her to rest for a while. Soon after that, she updated her blog. Translations of it are below.

Original blog post :

Blog Title: To Everyone

To those who were looking forward to the Kobetsu handshake and special event, I’m so sorry for taking time off and making you worried. I am really sorry.

Since a few months back, I wasn’t feeling that well. As I had discussion with staffs, I carried on with my job. But I wasn’t getting any better. Days where I couldn’t get a well-balanced spirit and body continued.

I continued working under such conditions. It was decided that I needed a rest after a diagnosis was carried out and the doctor advised me to take a break.

This sudden announcement might frighten some people. And it became this way.

I am really sorry.

As this job just started to get started and rolling, I’m feeling terribly sorry to have members, staffs and all the people involved worry about me.

I’ve always dreamt of this world. But I’ve never thought of such things happening.

If I could tell this to every one earlier, things might have changed, not letting everyone worry about it is something that I will reflect on.

… I wonder how would fans think when they are reading this post. Will they start to hate me? I have lots of uneasiness.

To be able to enjoy my work in good condition and letting everyone see me in a good condition, is the happiest thing to me. This is also for the future me.

I am thankful for all the staffs who decided this break for me this time round.

For a short period, please give me some time.

…I’ll be happy if you could just wait.

-Yui Imaizumi, 2017/04/13 10:06

There are some speculations on what stresses under her, but let’s brush that off for now. Concerns among fans are “Will Yuichans still perform at Zenkoku handshake’s Mini Live?” and “Keyakizaka46 is going to appear at Music Station tomorrow night. With Yui down, how will it affect the group?” At the same time, announced last week during their debut anniversary live, Keyakizaka46 will be doing a reshoot of W-Keyakizaka no Uta. Will Yui’s absent, how will the shoot carry on?

Let’s wish Yui-chan to have a speedy recovery.

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