Idol Battle Royale in Shibuya for Shin-Kiba Studio Coast Stage! Gyu-No Fes Selection 2-Day Event!

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Idol Battle Royale in Shibuya for Shin-Kiba Studio Coast Stage! Gyu-No Fes Selection 2-Day Event!

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The groups that will battle it out for the chance to perform at Gyu-No Fes Spring Special Shin-Kiba Coast (Gyu-No Fes Haru no SP Shin-Kiba Coast, ギュウ農フェス春のSP新木場コースト) have been announced! They will compete over the course of 2 days at Shibuya Milkyway on April 18th (418 Sōdatsusen) and 19th (419 Gekokujō). Event organizer Gyuzo will host the event alongside Pottya♡.

April 18th

Special Guests: CLOCK & BOTAN (Ayano Yanagisawa formerly of BELLRING Girls Heart), Non-Sugar, Phantom Voice, Last Question, Summer Rocket

Applicants: HAMIDASYSTEM, Kirakira Gerira, Emoquru Scoop, Kimiiro Project

April 19th

Special Guests: MIGMA SHELTER, READY TO KISS, Last Question, Shojotai, Happy Kurukuru

Applicants: Niconico LOVERS, POEM, Fetties, ShiX

Gyu-No Fes Haru no SP Selection Events
418 Sōdatsusen – April 18, 2017 (Tuesday)
419 Gekokujō – April 19, 2017 (Wednesday)
Open – 6:00pm Start – 6:30pm
Shibuya Milkyway
Pre-sale – 2,000 yen Door – 2,500 yen (+1 drink minimum)
Buy Tickets

Gyu-No Fes Spring Special Shin-Kiba Coast
May 4, 2017 (Thursday)
Open – 12:00pm Start – 12:30pm
Priority pre-sale – 4,000 yen (March 25, 2017 – 11:00pm – 11:59pm)
Buy Tickets (eplus)
Couple VIP (2 people) – 10,000 yen (March 30, 2017 10:00am – )
Pre-sale – 4,000 yen
Door – 4,500 yen

Sponsors/Support – RADIO BERRY, CRT Tochigi Broadcasting, Tochigi Television, Shioya Town Office (Tochigi), Yaita City Commerce Assembly (Tochigi), Kekkon Soudan, Gyuzo Farm

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