Seifuku Live! Collabo with Harajuku’s Brand “WEGO”! KAMIYADO Get Ready for Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka Tour Starting April

Seifuku Live! Collabo with Harajuku’s Brand “WEGO”! KAMIYADO Get Ready for Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka Tour Starting April

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During their regular live show at Omotesando Ground held on March 21st, KAMIYADO announced that they will be collaborating and holding an event with popular brand “WEGO”, along with their Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka tour starting April.


Such collaboration between KAMIYADO originating from Harajuku, and popular brand WEGO that pursuits “real clothes” of Harajuku Street Fashion, becomes a reality. Along with their Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka tour starting April, T-shirts, caps, Smartphone pouches, and various collaboration goods are also scheduled to be on sale on WEGO branches and they will have several visiting events.
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The first part of the live on 21st was called “Kami ga Yadoru Basho~Sotsugyoushiki Special (Where god dwells ~A graduation special)”, where they performed in school uniforms. The second part was called “Kami ga Yadoru Basho~KAMIYADO x Football (Where god dwells ~KAMIYADO x Football)”, where they performs in their original uniform.

Among the members, Hina Koyama graduates from High School, and will enter university this spring. On the other hand, Mika Ichinose also graduates Middle School and will advance to High School. On the first part of the live show, their first song is “Hissatsu! Cho KAMIYADO Senpu”, has one line that goes “We, will graduate from …KAMIYADO, well no, so please take care of us from here on!”. As they sing that line, the fans feel more reactive to the word “graduation”, somehow making them laugh.

On the second part of the live show in Omotesando Ground, they hold their customary brand collaboration event. This time, they collaborate with brand “EXFA”, unveiling their uniform for 2016. The members appear wearing the uniform of each of their own member color. The jersey number “KMYD” is printed on their backs, and members respond as their names are called in order. At that time, Miki, Mika, Naho, Hina, and Mei, in order turn their backs and appeal their names and jersey number.

Their regular lives shows at Omotesando Ground started last January, and this live is said to be the last. Along with pleasant news, KAMIYADO has proven in this live their steady growth as they prepare for their Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka tour scheduled on April. Starting April come a new school year, a new season, and they have been never more ready.

Kamiyado x WEGO Store Visit Schedule
April 10 (Sunday) – WEGO Tokyo Harajuku Branch (2pm~)
April 16 (Saturday) – WEGO Shinsaibashi Branch (2pm~)
April 23 (Saturday) – WEGO Osu Branch (2pm~)
*Collaboration items are only on visited stores on their respective dates ONLY.

Kamiyado Spring Tour 2016 “Kami ga Yadoru Basho~ Harajuku hatsu! Kamiyado Desu~ (Where god dwells ~ From Harajuku! We are Kamiyado!~)”
April 16 (Saturday) Osaka Live Square 2nd LINE
April 23 (Saturday) Nagoya Live Hall M.I.D.
April 29 (Holiday) Shibuya Club Quattro

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Translated by Jessie

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