KAMIYADO Collaborates with “galaxxxy”, Japanese Pop Fashion Brand, to Make a Big Bang on Harajuku Fashion!

KAMIYADO Collaborates with “galaxxxy”, Japanese Pop Fashion Brand, to Make a Big Bang on Harajuku Fashion!

Photos by Yusuke Fujimaki

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KAMIYADO, five member idol group that originated from Harajuku, appeared at a live called “Kami ga Yadoru Basho ~KAMIYADO×galaxxxy~” in Omotesando GROUND on January 31st.

The pre-reserved tickets were sold out, and many female fans were seen, since the tickets were free for women. The place left and right both had ladies only area.

The group name, KAMIYADO is created by two words from the place “Junguu-mae”, which the first word can be read as “KAMI“, and “Harajuku”, which the last word can be read as “YADO”. Jinguu-mae and Harajuku is the most popular area for fashion among young people, so, KAMIYADO opened an event only for fans who bought KAMIYADO original hoodie or a jacket that appeals the group’s concentration on fashion.

On the other hand, “galaxxxy” is a fashion brand, created in 2007, that uses vivid color, and collaborates with many idol groups, starting from “Momoiro Clover”. In that means, the collaboration with KAMIYADO might have been inevitable.

The live started with screening the movie of members visiting the press room of “galaxxxy” to prepare for today’s live. Members’ facial expressions are very serious picking out the costumes. After the movie, each members, wearing an original sweatshirt for today, appeared at a time and appealed their costume like a fashion show with “overture” playing in the background. Every member appeared on the stage and went on performing the first song, “Hissatsu! Chou KAMIYADO Senpuu” which excited the fans more than ever.

kamiyado-galaxxxy-collabo-live-62 kamiyado-galaxxxy-collabo-live-72

Members commented on today’s fashion as below.

Miki Hashima: “I focused on using the color yellow, which is my color.”

Naho Sekiguchi: “I chose the same clothes as Mei and Hina did, but they lend it to me.”

Mika Ichinose: “Today, I am wearing pink all over, but please don’t forget that my color is red!”

Hina Koyama: “I was suppose to wear the clothes that Naho is wearing now but I recognized how cute it looks on her more, so I wore another clothes to replace it.”

Mei Hashima: “My theme for today is a little sister that is overly self-conscious.”


KAMIYADO is performing their one man live at Omotesando GROUND on February 13th and March 21st. The performance will include projects that each member will collaborate with different fashion brands.

Kamiyado “Kami ga Yadoru Basho ~KAMIYADO×galaxxxy~”
January 31st, 2015 Omotesando GROUND Setlist

00 overture (fashion show)
01 Hissatsu! Chou KAMIYADO Senpuu
02 Hajimari no Kane wo Narase
03 Anoko ni Bareruyouna…
04 Parachute☆Love
05 Bokura wa Ai wo Shinjiteru
06 Bi Bi Bi♡
08 Zenkai! KAMIYADO World
09 Summer Dream
10 Harajuku Sentai! KAMIYADO Ranger

KAMIYADO Official Homepage:
galaxxxy Official Homepage (ENG):

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