every♥ing! Looks Back at Their Achievements with Coupling Song for Shining Sky, “Sakurairo” MV

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every♥ing! Looks Back at Their Achievements with Coupling Song for Shining Sky, “Sakurairo” MV

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Ever since their unit debut in June 2014, Kido Ibuki and Yamazaki Erii has been working together as the JK seiyuu unit, every♥ing!. With Shining Sky soon to be released next week, the duo looks back at some of the behind the scene shots for Yumeiro Gakuen and Colorful Story PV making, and scenes for their final live for their 39 lives ( 39 = Thank you in Japanese), as the MV for the coupling song for “Shining Sky”, “Sakurairo“!

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With Shining Sky been the last single for them as JKs (no, they are not graduating from the group, but graduating from high school), Sakurairo gives them the time to look back at their achievements and look forward to the things coming up for the pair. At the same, since graduation season is coming up soon, Sakurairo makes it just in time for a perfect graduation song.

Shining Sky will be released in three different versions, Limited Edition (includes DVD featuring full length MV and making of it), Regular Edition, and Special Edition (available only on, includes DVD featuring their final live for Colorful Story’s 39 lives and document). And what was shown in Sakurairo PV, will not be included in the DVD.

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