Quite Expert! School Girl Fashion Festival, “JS Girl Festival 2013”

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Quite Expert! School Girl Fashion Festival, “JS Girl Festival 2013”

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Those who read this, you might think that Japanese females like to enjoy a fashion trend regardless of age. Though the reason depends on individuals, not a few women embody the energy of “longing” and “dream.” Fashion sense of those individuals forms a style of its own.

At such times, there’s a fashion magazine in great demand among Japanese elementary school girls,  that is “JS Girl”. The word JS Girl is a new Japanese for an elementary school girl which originally comes from Japanese capital letters of “Joshi Shougakusei”.


For those JS girls, a town itself to go out with their families become a “stage.” Dressing up to the hit, and then enjoying the “stage” that is full of longing while feeling on top of the world is their fashion.

Such JS gathered a total 800 people at an event on a scale never before imagined, gracing a runway like super models. JS Girl Festival 2013 was held in Yoyogi, Tokyo on November 24.



When the show started with the popular model “Mio Kudo” of the magazine “JS Girl”, great cheer arose from the floor. Then an unveiling ceremony of two models under contract with “JS Girl” took place, they told the enthusiasm for future activities.

The event provided a wide variety of contents, including the fashion show of the latest coordinated by popular JS apparel brand, real clothes contest with general JS entries, also holding of a fashion show by reader models of “JS Girl”. Above all, in the real clothes contest, about 670 JS chosen from  1,781 entries appeared on the runway.


Standing in the spotlight on the stage of longing has been finding wide acceptance not only for performers, but also for their families. Performers are able to share the joy with families at the venue integrated with audience seats.

Japanese JS girls who dream of appearing at a big stage one day, while they are pursuing a fashion of their own together with supportive families, will create new “cute” culture for the first time in the world. Rather than just create the concept of low age fashion, a stage they show, who are full of a great dream and possibility, is going to be giving a big impact on the lifestyle of women in the future.

written by Kenji Harada
translated by Yuji Hara

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