[Features : J-Music LAB] Video Message from Eir Aoi!!

[Features : J-Music LAB] Video Message from Eir Aoi!!

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Eir Aoi will finally make appearance on “J-Music LAB” in Jakarta this weekend! The event has been held at “The Only One Club” on the 5th floor of the f(x) Shopping Mall, Jakarta. Every weekend, you can enjoy the concerts of various J-pop popular artists for free!

Don’t miss this precious chance! Check out the message from Eir Aoi!

The Line-Up for This Weekend Concert

5th Weekend, December 14th : Eir Aoi


Hottest up-coming female vocalist in Japan, singing Anime theme songs of “Fate/Zero”, “Sword Art Online” & “GUNDAM AGE”. She released single “Cobalt Sky” on June 26, and is now releasing another single entitled “Sirius” (opening theme of TV anime Kill La Kill) on November 13. And also, she performed in Jakarta in September at the Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013 and will also be performing at the AFA13 in Singapore this November as well.

Event Information:

Title : J-Music Lab
Date : 15 November to 15 December 2013
Venue : ”The Only One Club” on the 5th floor of the f(x) Shopping Mall, Jakarta
Sponsor : Recording Industry Association of Japan Content (RIAJ)
Cooperation : Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture (PROMIC) and PT. Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia

You can find more at ;
Official facebook page :
Press Release :

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