This is the Idol’s Real Fashion! Street Snap Fashion Magazine “idp magazine” To Be Published

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This is the Idol’s Real Fashion! Street Snap Fashion Magazine “idp magazine” To Be Published

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It is the first attempt for both the idol and fashion industry to create a street snap “idp magazine“, that is specific to the fashion of idols. It will start to be on the book shelves from October 16, 2015, and you can find them on amazon, some stores of Village Vanguard, Tower Records, SPINNS, 2.5SPINNS, and the event space at iCON DOLL LOUNGE.
Editing will be done in the STREET editorial office that continues to publish STREET SNAP photos of magazines such as “FRUiTS” and “TUNE” taken in Harajuku for 18 years.


Shiina Pikarin


Gumi Nanase (Bandjanaimon!) 


Rinne Yoshida

More than 80 idol’s personal side will be shown in the shape of “fashion snap”, and the photos will be surely something different to the selfies you see on twitter or blogs! Since it will be a magazine targeted to women, readers can enjoy the different ways of coordinating clothes, and can copy the fashion styles of their longing idol.

Kyouka (Yumemiru Adolescence)

Kyouka (Yumemiru Adolescence)

Nia Hoshino (Moso Calibration)

Nia Hoshino (Moso Calibration)

Kokoro Shinozaki (petit! pas)

Kokoro Shinozaki (petit! pas)

“Fashion plays an important role in acquiring young female fans for idols. We hope that the unique coordination style or the hidden side of the idol can be revealed, which can lead to a sense of intimacy or admiration.

Date of Release: October 16, 2015
Style of Selling: Once in 3 months
Price: 1000 yen (tax included)

Shops dealing the magazine
Village Vanguard, Tower Record, SPINNS, amazon

*Pre-sale on October 12, am10:00 at 2.5 SPINNS (Harajuku)
adress : Jingu-mae 1-15-2, 2F&3F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Idol Groups on Magazine
&Crazy/Otome Shinto/Carnival☆Stars/Kamiyado/Shiina Pikarin/GEM/Stella☆Beats/Tokyo Performance Doll/drop/HoneyBunny/Band Janaimon!/BPM15Q/PiiiiiiiN/Petit pas!/Babyraids JAPAN/BELLRING Shojo Heart/Moso Callibration/Yuzuki Miyuu/Yumemiru Adolescence/Yurumerumo!/Rinne Yoshida/LOVELY★DOLL/Wa→suta

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