Win 300 “Likes” To Be On Jacket Cover, Idoling!!! Faces A Challenge

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Win 300 “Likes” To Be On Jacket Cover, Idoling!!! Faces A Challenge

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Idoling!!! updated the official site, unveiling their latest artwork for the single “KYUPI❤” to be released on May 28.

The jacket has 24 members in silhouette. The members will be allowed to present their faces on one condition.
To win 300 “Likes” for an article about the latest single on each of their official blogs in 75 hours. (19:00 April 21 (JST) ~ 22:00 April 24)

The latest visual will be updated every few hours. Erika Tonooka fairly urged her fans in her blog, Ami Kikuchi exhibited sexy photo, Yuna Ito released “begging picture”, they already got the assignment done. The regulations permit the uses of Twitter and any Idoling’s official media.

No matter how the artwork would look, it will be opened at the release event starting from April 26, in CLUB CITTA Kawasaki, Kanagawa.
Despite everyone’s anxiety, all the members already achieved the 300 Likes, so you can see how it looks like on Idoling!!! official website!

Idoling!!! official website :

written by Yuji Hara

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