Ice Cream Sousenkyo 2018: Chosen by 10k Japanese!

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Ice Cream Sousenkyo 2018: Chosen by 10k Japanese!

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On July 8th 2018, an election was held to decide which ice cream is the most popular one in Japan! From 644 ice cream products, top 30 was elected. ToshI from X Japan took part in this program to predict the result. He is now known not only for his music but also for his passion towards sweets.

Involving all the Japanese who love ice cream, which one won the contest?

Let’s check out!

30th: Gatsun to Mikan

29th: Jersey Gyunyu Soft

28th: Sundae Cup Pari Pari Choco

27th: Shirokuma

26th: Mona Ou Vanilla

25th: Meiji Essel Super Cup Sweets Strawberry Sponge Cake

24th: Ghana Stick

23rd: Sacre Lemon

22nd: Haagen-Dazs Crispy Sandwich Caramel Classic

21st: Haagen-Dazs Mini Cup Strawberry


20th: Coolish Vanilla

19th: Haagen-Dazs Mini Cup Green Tea

18th: Papico Choco Coffee

17th: Ice Manju

16th: Ice Box Grapefruit

15th: MOW Vanilla

14th: Meiji Essel Super Cup Matcha

13th: Haagen-Dazs Mini Cup Vanilla

12th: Azuki Bar

11th: Haagen-Dazs Mini Cup Cookie & Cream


10th: Soh Vanilla

9th: Pino

8th: Ice no Mi Grape

7th: PARM Chocolate

6th: Gari Gari Kun Soda

Now, moving on to top 5! Please take a look at the reviews from everyone!

5th: Meiji Essel Super Cup Choco Cookie


The texture of the chocolate cookie is addicting, and it id very fulfilling.

4th: Yukimi Daifuku

The mochi is just so good, and when it’s combined with vanilla ice cream, it’s the best thing you could ever imagine!

3rd: Choco Monaka Jumbo

Although it is not expensive, the quantity is large! The crispy monaka (wefers) wraps the chocolate and ice cream, and when you eat them together, it’s perfect!

2nd: Giant Cone Choco Nuts

You can enjoy the layers within the cone without having your hands get dirty!

Ranked at the top is…

1st: Meiji Essel Super Cup Cho Vanilla

Proudly sitting at the throne of the ice cream election is Meiji Essel Super Cup Cho Vanilla! Somehow, nostalgic feelings are triggered by this vanilla flavor. There are various ways to enjoy this ice cream like having it with coffee jelly or putting strawberry jam on top.

Contributor Wanted!!

Four products from Essel Super Cup series ranked in, including the ones Nogizaka 46 promoted! Don’t forget to try all top-ranked ice cream!

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