Details of Hello! Project Kenshusei Published Trial

Details of Hello! Project Kenshusei Published Trial

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Hello! Project Kenshusei (Trainees) took an ability trial, “H!P Kenshusei Recital 2014 ~ Spring Trial ~ ” on May 4, at Nakano SunPlaza.

This test was held for the second time in history. SharanQ’s Drummer, Makoto hosted the show, and a comedian Sawayaka Goro served as the segment MC. Tsunku♂ was absent due to cancer treatment. A choreographer Mitsubachimaki, vocal coach Mariko Ueno, UP-FRONT’s executive also known as a music director Shin Hashimoto, former MM member Hitomi Yoshizawa, and Makoto judged the performance of 26 trainees.

The event began with “Kanojo ni Naritai!!!” of full participation. Then the judges expressed enthusiasm for the day one by one. Yossy encouraged the audience, ”Nakano SunPlaza is the stage where H!P and MM have held a concert for a long time. I would appreciate if all the fans here become an outspoken critic today, because Kenshusei rarely get such an opportunity to perform solo on this Nakano’s stage.”

What Kenshusei prepared for the day, was to choose a song out of all H!P songs, and produced their own choreographies and costumes. The audience have the chance to vote for the best performer. The panel of judges determines the Jury Award in the song, dance, and character divisions.

As the lead-off trainee, Kaede Kaga showed off “SHALL WE LOVE?” of Gomatto. Despite her longtime effort, she had a coughing attack while she was singing. When Yoshizawa started to state her mind, Kaede stopped controling the flow of tears. Things went smoothly after that but, Akane Haga, who was supposed to come in 10th, was moved back her turn for a runny nosebleed. She was innocently on the stage back in the 16th. Yossy smiled and described it as “It was like watching the early days of Nozomi Tsuji.”

MC Sawayaka Goro reported during the recital, that there were members who cried after their turn. After 2 hours, the recital peacefully came to an end. Mitsubachimaki unveiled her thought, “Watching everyone on stage from the audience seat gave me a different impression from usual.” Mariko Ueno told that she placed more expectations on H!P trainees’ future. Yossy “I learned a good lesson by watching, for example, costumes they wore, songs they chose. Also, to have being on the audience’s side was a good experience.”

By the way, Sawayaka Goro announced that three new members joined Kenshusei. Maho Aikawa, Miu Takemura, and Kana Saito appeared on the stage, and introduced their name, age, nickname, and H!P members they admire. Maho (Aiai), high school grade 1, loves Mai Hagiwara. Miu (Myu), Junior high school grade 1, loves Sakura Oda. Kana (Kanappe), Junior high school grade 1, loves Haruka Kudo. It was also announced that Rie Kaneko and Fuyuka Kosuga finished its Kenshusei activities.

While the panel of judges had a meeting, Kenshusei performed “Kacchoyoi Uta”, “Oheso no Kuni kara Konnichiwa”, and “Ten made Nobore” with no break. The audience, who had been sitting in seats while Kenshusei was taking the trial, stood and sent hearty cheers to Kenshusei.

After the mini live, the result was presented at last. Natsumi Taguchi and Ayano Hamaura had received Jury Prize in singing section, Rikako Sasaki and Kurumi Yoshihashi had won the prize in the dancing section. Rena Ogawa, Yumeno Kishimoto, and Mizuki Murota had received the character award. The Best Performance Award which the audience selected, went to Ruru Danbara who performed “Memory Seisyun no Hikari” of Morning Musume. Hitomi Yoshizawa commented on it with lots of conviction, “Her willingness to sing was amazing, her voice was beautiful too. I felt she practiced a lot. I guess her performance convinced a lot of audience because she did things right, such as Mic holding and so on.”

The three hours long event ended in that way. Hi five session with Kenshusei was held after the show.

Hello! Project Kenshusei Recital 2014 ~ Spring Ability Trial ~
01. Kanojo ni Naritai!!! (ALL)
02. SHALL WE LOVE? [Gomattou] Kaede Kaga
03. Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game [Morning Musume.] Risa Yamaki
04. 100 Kai no KISS [Aya Matsuura] Natsumi Taguchi
05. Bagel ni Ham & Cheese [ºC-ute] Mei Yokokawa
06. Otona nanoyo! [Berriz Kobo] Hikaru Inoue
07. Happy Summer Wedding [Morning Musume.] Maria Makino
08. Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita [S/mileage] Rio Fujii
09. Daisuki 100 Manten [Morning Musume. Mizuki Fukumura, Ayumi Ishida] Kisora Niinuma
10. Bagel ni Ham & Cheese [ºC-ute] Nanami Tanabe
11. Sakura Mankai [Moring Musume. Sakura-gumi] Rena Ogawa
12. Samidare Bijo ga Samidareru [Juice=Juice] Kana Mikame
13. Yakimochi wo Kudasai! [Berryz Kobo] Ayano Hamaura
14. Real LOVE [Berryz Kobo Risako Suagya] Yumeno Kishimoto
15. Jishin Yume wo motte Tobitatukara [Moring Musume.Ai Takahashi] Rena Ichioka
16. Nannchatte Renai [Morning Musume.] Akane Haga
17. Memory Seisyun no Hikari [Morning Musume.] Ruru Danbara
18. Sukichan [S/mileage] Manaka Inaba
19. DESTINY LOVE [High-King] Musubu Funaki
20. Kiseki no Kaori Dance [Aya Matsuura] Rikako Sasaki
21. My Days for You [Erina Mano] Minami Nomura
22. Naichaukamo [Morning Musume.] Kurumi Yoshihashi
23. Suppin to Namida. [Maki Goto] Hirona Oura
24. Memory Seisyun no Hikari [Morning Musume.] Mizuki Murota
25. Boogie Train ’03 [Miki Fujimoto] Sakurako Wada
26. Aitai Aitai Aitaina [ºC-ute] Riko Yamagishi
27. dearest. [Aya Matsuura] Karen Tanaka
28. Kacchoyoi Uta (ALL)
29. Oheso no Kuni kara Konnichiwa (ALL)
30. Ten made Nobore! (ALL)

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

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