Uniting Members New and Old, Handsome Girl Group The Hoopers’ Second Chapter has Begun!

Uniting Members New and Old, Handsome Girl Group The Hoopers’ Second Chapter has Begun!

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Boyish girls’ unit The Hoopers took the stage at Roppongi’s Nicofarre for their very first one-man concert on November 15th. As the words “The curtain has been raised on the second act of The Hoopers! Don’t miss even a second!” were projected on Nicofarre’s immersive screens, members appeared one by one on the darkened stage.

The intro to the group’s 3rd single, “Go! Go! Dance ga Tomaranai” began to play and lights illuminated the members’ faces, including Yuhi who was on leave from activities since July, revealing The Hoopers’ new order since becoming an 8 member group. Cheers erupted from the audience as they danced along, raising the voltage of the venue to a climax from the very beginning!

New member Cecil and returning member Yuhi took turns addressing the audience. “This summer, while performing alongside The Hoopers’ members, I thought, ‘I want to keep being together like this.’ I’m extremely happy I could become a permanent member. I want to keep powering up from now on, so please keep supporting us,” said Cecil. Yuhi continued, ”While I was resting, I was anxiously thinking, ‘what will I do if I’m forgotten like this?’ The fact that I could return here is thanks to the power sent to me by fans, and because the other members watched over this place for me. The Hoopers will become more powerful as 8 members, so if everyone could keep watching over us, I’d be really happy!” The members’ appreciation and enthusiasm was clear. “Everyone, thank you for waiting for me. Cecil, thank you for standing in for me,” Yuhi said, embracing Cecil as tears spread throughout the venue.

Tears turned to smiles as the live continued with a medley, consisting of the 8 member unit’s theme “NEW WORLD,” the distinctive acrobatic explosion of the 2nd single “Ame wo Oikakete,” the popular Vocaloid song “Koshitantan,” and finally “Mikansei na Chizu,” uniting the audience as one. As a wintry wind sound effect began to play, the hat-wearing members took the stage once again. Beginning with a move reminiscent of the thousand-armed goddess Kannon, the group’s newest song “Jounetsu wa Kareha no You ni” proceeded into a matador/flamenco-inspired dance, with a distinct Spanish flavor and passionate but bittersweet lyrics.

During the encore MC, leader Makoto addressed the audience, “I don’t want to be parted from everyone. I don’t want to part from everyone. I want our hearts to become even closer. From now on, I want to visit lots of different stages with everyone!” as The Hoopers’ first ballad, “Hanasai yo” began. The members sang their hearts out through teary eyes, and the venue sent them off with enormous applause.

The Hoopers’ first one-man live included two performances, with the first performance titled, “Yuhi’s Come-back!” and the second, “Fall Kyun♡Kyun School Festival,” with content varying between concerts. The second included a guest appearance from AXELL, The Hoopers’ “little brother” boyish girls’ unit to which member Cecil also belongs.

“Jounetsu ha Kareha no You ni,” The Hoopers’ new single performed for the first time during their first one-man concerts, will be released on 12/16. As they approach the release, the group will hold several countdown and release events throughout Japan. Be sure not to miss the next chapter in The Hoopers’ story!

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