HKT48 Roll Out Major Senbatsu Changes With the MV for 9th Single “Bug tte Iijan”
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HKT48 unveiled several updates in the MV for their 9th single “Bug tte Iijan” (release date: February 15)!

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Opening with Rino Sashihara playing a video game, she bugs out and freezes upon losing. The problem spreads and all the screens end up glitching. From there, HKT48 use their diagnostic abilities to “debug” several people who run into problems with their lives. “Bug tte Iijan” is the theme song for the anime Kamizawa Wanda. With the addition of 4th generation kenkyuusei Ayaka Oda, Tomoka Takeda, Nene Jitoe, and Amane Tsukiashi combined with the omission of regulars like Meru Tashima, Madoka Moriyasu, Miku Tanaka, Nako Yabuki, Aika Ota, Mai Fuchigami, and Natsumi Matsuoka, the senbatsu for this single is a big change for HKT48!

“Bug tte Iijan” will be released in 3 limited edition CD/DVD versions and a theater version. The coupling song is titled “Hitsuzenteki Koibito”. Type-A includes the exclusive track “Hakusen no Uchigawa de” by HKT48’s 4th generation kenkyuusei, the MVs for “Bug tte Iijan” and “Hitsuzenteki Koibito” as well as a video titled “Keyaku Kekkon Vol.1”. Type-B includes the exclusive track “Boku Dake no Hakujitsumu” by Platinum Girls, the MVs for “Bug tte Iijan” and “Boku Dake no Hakujitsumu” as well as a video titled “Keyaku Kekkon Vol.2. Type-C includes the exclusive track “Kiss ga Toosugiruyo” by Diamond Girls, the MVs for “Bug tte Iijan” and “Kiss ga Toosugiruyo” as well as a video titled “Keyaku Kekkon Vol.3”. First press versions include a ticket to a handshake event as well as 1 of 16 randomly selected pocket calendars.

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