Happy Anniversary! Solo Idol Hiiragi Rio’s 20th Birthday Live Concert Held in the Midnight

Happy Anniversary! Solo Idol Hiiragi Rio’s 20th Birthday Live Concert Held in the Midnight

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Solo idol “Hiiragi Rio”  held a solo concert from midnight on 19th day to her 20th birthday on 20th day early morning at Kawasaki Club CITTA in Japan.

It opens at 23:55 without being opened even if it is past 23:45 on account of the preparations for meeting place on 19th. 20th day at 0:01 started the fist show. The fist song was her introducing song ”Rio Rio Ri→no Uta”. Hiiragi who was wrapped in water of a yellow long-sleeved kimono with flower patterns conscious of a celebration of passage to maturity and yellow psyllium of a costume and a fan which did a compromise between Japanese and European styles as a white dress, she have finished singing 1 song by full of strength.

She talked about herself as “When I was a junior high school days in the art of cartoon images always drawing, Nico Nico douga, and buying thin books (Doujin Magazine) Otaku in bloom was. When I was high school days a little bit graduated, high school debut!! I like singing a song since old days. So I wanted to sing a song during part time jobs. After researching, I found the shop in Akihabara that raise idol for singing and dancing brought up, in this place now. I am filled with gratitude!”

After performed “Happy birthday to you”, Bouquet and Birthday album made by fans, and her lovely Rilakkuma Sit on wearing the T-shirts (yellow Hiragai Rio original t-shirts). The fans presented the national flag cake, for Japan and France first. Hiiragi said to promised to go to live concert in all countries written this flags. After that, she performed 6 songs and ended with a song “Future×Exceed”.

The clothes of “adult” that 2nd show that started at 2:30 a.m. added a tiara to a bright red dress. She showed new song “Senketsu the END” and “Magical Snow” chosen from 326 songs quickly and right impressed it with new Hiiragi Rio’s opening scene of a play in its twenties. After having shown three songs, it was presented the Don Peringnion and Rose by a surprise by a fan.

When she asked “Where are you come from?” to her fans, and it turned out they rushed to from France and Taiwan not to mention Okinawa from Hokkaido. Area of the activity of Hiiragi that performed live broadcasting in not only Japan but also the foreign countries was highlighted some other time.

2nd show of powerful live performance also continues, and 10 songs of this chapter as well as a basic song of the “Aoiro FLAVOR” that twists a towel. An encore performance was total of 13 songs that one of 3 songs including “Rinne no Koi”. In the last she performed the song “DRAWING☆” which Hiiragi wrote a song as a solo for the first time. The yellow psyllium which had been waved until now changed completely by an image color in this music, and it was with pink psyllium and closed a curtain by the best scenery at “the time when it was fun most while I lived” when there was not that the surprise from a fan only by the birth live concert died out.

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