This Week’s Hello! Project Station!! #60

This Week’s Hello! Project Station!! #60

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MM.’14 unveils Spacy MV “Toki wo koe Sora wo koe“, S/mileage Releases Sensational MV “Mystery Night”, Juice=Juice drops Footage of Latest Release Event, ºC-ute Saki Nakajima Back on Hair Arrangement! H!P Trainees Show Off Musical, MC Karin Introduces Her Fashion, S/mileage’s Weekly Smile, and more!!

Hey H!P universe, what’s up? There are lots of enjoyable contents here as usual 😉

Just let me say this before we get it started, Karin is so kawaii!!
For your information, she was told by her father, who saw the last episode, that she should try not to rock herself while she talks. lol

Morning Musume.’14 unveils MV of their 56th single for the first time. “Toki wo koe, So wo koe / Password is 0″ will be released on April 16. The new single will have a MORIMUSU version of “Password is 0”. We’ll deliver the details soon, so see what happens.

S/mileage surprises H!P universe with sexy MV for their 16th single “Mystery Night”. “Mystery Night / Eighteen Emotion” will be released on April 30.

Juice=Juice dropped the live footage of their release event held on March 27, at Ikebukuro Sunshine, Tokyo. Details of what Karin-chan said as the happy news is here:

ºC-ute Nacky appeared on Hair Arrangement again. She is glad to be back because she was the originator of the show. “This is the style I used to do when I was little.” If you’re her fan, check her side ponytail in the past DVD, MV, and Photos because each and every Nacky looks awesome.

There’s more to see, please enjoy the rest of harosute #60. See you next week!

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written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

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