Hello!Project’s new group was given their name, “Juice=Juice”

Hello!Project’s new group was given their name, “Juice=Juice”

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As we reported previously, a new unit from Hello!Project trainee will be debuting!
Finally, the group was given their name. It’s “Juice=Juice“!

This was announced by producer TSUNKU♂ on February 25th. Juice=Juice was named to hope that they would become a unit full of individuality in fresh forever, with a meaning of “freshly picked”, “fresh-squeezed”, “natural”,”fresh”, “100%”,”freshly caught”.
For the time being, they do their activity in the Indies, and aim to skill up.

The introduction for members from TSUNKU♂ are below!

Takagi Sayuki / 高木紗友希(15)
Rock style vocal and powerful dance skill, she is just exactly the trainee of Hello!Project. She is arleady highly skilled.

Miyamoto Karin / 宮本佳林(14)
She is a person of ability that she has participated in several units born from Hello!Project in the past. She has also strong character.

Otsuka Aina / 大塚愛菜(14)
A finalist of Morning Musume. 9th audition. She has a good voice which resound enough through microphone.

Uemura Akari / 植村あかり(14)
She participated until the third screening of Morning Musume. 9th audition, however, her dance and vocal skill are poor now.
But, her charm is it. She has also the strong personality, I can put my hope in her future.

Kanazawa Tomoko / 金澤朋子(17)
She just recently became a trainee. She is an early promoted rookie.

Miyazaki Yuka / 宮崎由加(18)
She isn’t a Hello!Project trainee now, but she was the finalist of Morning Musume. 10th audition and S/mileage new member audition. She is currently participating in a unit called GREEN FIELDS in SATOYAMA movement, I recognized achievements in there, and decided her participation.

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