This Week’s Hello! Project Station!! #67

This Week’s Hello! Project Station!! #67

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Berryz Kobo Unveils New MV!! Juice=Juice Covers Ageless song of T&C!! MM,’14 Delivers Message For NewYork!! Hello!Sta Dance Club Updated!! Sakura Oda Appears On Hair Arrangement!! S/mileage Weekly Smile, Akari Uemura Fashion Check, H!P Trainees’ Backstage report!!

Hello everyone of H!P universe, how have you been?

Juice=Juice Akari Uemura hosts the show following the last episode.

Berryz Kobo unveiled MV for their upcoming single “Futuu idol 10 nen yatterannai desyo!?” (Usually, You Can’t Keep Being an Idol For 10 Years, Can You?!)
In the MV, there are a lot of pictures of Berryz Kobo in their early days. The Lyrics tell their sense of self-pride and decade-long history.
The awesome single will be released on June 4.

Juice=Juice released their latest performance filmed on May 10, at the joint live “Ponican! Idol Club ~Idol Survival~”. The song “Magic of Love” was originally released by “Taiyo & Ciscomoon” in 1999.

Morning Musume.’14 unveiled the footage of the moment they announced the New York concert that will be held on October 5.
In the comment footage, Haruka Kudo revealed her thoughts. “I’m really looking forward to my first visit to New York. It’s been a place of dream since I was little. Without saying that I’ll enjoy the concert, I also will be happy if we could do sightseeing.

Hello!Sta Dance Club is not dead!! The best and the brightest dancers in Hello! Project unveiled the footage of their second lesson. At the start of the lesson, they are told its club’s policy for the future.
Policy #1. Lessons like this time will be on Hello!Sta as before
Policy #2. The outcome of the lessons will be presented somewhere like Hello!Concert
Policy #3. The club will expand its activities as long as schedule permits
Policy #4 Saki Shimizu was appointed as the club captain
S/mileage was told by staff that they bettered their own sales record in the Oricon weekly chart. They sold 34,340 copies a week, and won 2nd place in the ranking. Congratulations, S/mileage! That’s great! Keep boosting the mood for the Budokan live!

Akari revealed last time, that she spent 4 hours for shooting MC part, but, she has finished the shooting in 3 hours this time. 25% cut is a remarkable progress, thank you for your hard work in these two weeks!

Well, thank you for reading, and enjoy the rest of Hello! Sta. See you next time!

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00:00~ Berryz Kobo “Futuu idol 10 nen yatterannai desyo!?” (Promotion edit)
06:09~ Juice=Juice “Magic of Love” (DIFFER ARIAKE)
11:18~ Announcement from Morning Musume.’14
14:17~ Hello! Sta Dance Club
23:14~ Sakura Oda Hair Arrangement
30:58~ S/mileage “Weekly Smile”
38:51~ Akari Uemura Fashion Comment
40:07~ H!P Trainees ℃-ute Concert Backstage Report (Nakano SunPlaza)

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara
Yuji Hara

I lost my way in life due to the hiatus of Berryz Kobo.

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