This Week’s Hello! Project Station!! #62

This Week’s Hello! Project Station!! #62

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Morning Musume.’14 & S/mileage premieres Dance Shot MV!! Sayashi & Ishida Explain Choreography of “Toki wo koe Sora wo koe”!! ℃-ute Unveils Footage of Spring Tour Day 1!! Juice=Juice Releases Footage of All-Girl Event!!

Hi everyone of H!P universe, how have you been?

S/mileage released the controversial Music Video “Mystery Night!”.
On the Internet, some say “the costume is too much”, and some say “That’s what entertainment is.”
Which side are you on?
Morning Musume.’14 dropped Dance Shot MV for “Toki wo koe Sora wo koe” for the first time. Teacher Riho Sayashi & Ayumi Ishida give us a dance lesson!!
The producer Tsunku♂ revealed passion for the song on his blog.
See the English version here!: tsunku-commentary
The best part of Hello! Sta #62 goes to this. ℃-ute unveils footage of their spring tour day 1. Unlike usual Hello! Sta, it starts with an elaborate design. As well as S/mileage’s MV, ℃-ute’s dance and costume are becoming a hot topic among H!P and idol universe.

By the Way, MC Sakura looked she was impressed and got lessons from what ℃-ute brought. I hope she will carry on the H!P tradition for future generations, genes that have been inherited verbally and non-verbally from great iconic seniors.
Juice=Juice released footage of the event “School For Girls” held on April 1, in Harajuku, Tokyo.
You can see more about the event here: juicejuicegirlsparty

MC Sakura told that the next event will be held on June 6.
Those who are interested in it, check their official site, blogs, and Twitter.

Sakura said, “sorry, we don’t have S/mileage’s weekly smile this week, so stay tuned for the next smile.”

That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading. See you at next Hello! Sta!!

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00:00~ S/mileage “Mystery Night!” (Dance Shot Ver.)
05:25~ Riho Sayashi & Ayumi Ishida Dance Commentary
14:25~ Morning Musume.’14 “Toki wo koe Sora wo koe” (Dance Shot Ver.)
20:12~ ℃-ute Concert Tour Day 1 Behind the scenes
27:20~ ℃-ute “Crazy Kanzen na Otona” (Gotanda Yuupoto Hall)
30:16~ ℃-ute Comments after Day 1
32:57~ Juice=Juice Event “J=J School For Girls” (JOL Harajuku)

written by Yuji Hara

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