Go See the Next BIG Stars! Grand Opening of a Harajuku Runway Stage!

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Go See the Next BIG Stars! Grand Opening of a Harajuku Runway Stage!

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Rising Production opened a lit up Premium runway stage “Harajuku Ekimae Stage” at Takeshita-dori on August 24th. At this stage, “Harajuku Ekimae Parties“,a group of girls dreaming to debut, will be performing dances and fashion shows and Mariya Nishiuchi came to celebrate this grand opening.


Mariya said “I’m still on my way to my big goal, but I think its a great thing that there is a place like this for girls who haven’t debuted yet. I think the girls of “Harajuku Ekimae Parties” will have many experiences and chances to grow up and I wish for everybody’s support for them.” She sang her own song “Arigato Forever” and encouraged them for their bright future.


Mariya was impressed with the stage and said, “This stage is very close and I like it very much. Maybe I’ll come here again when I come to Harajuku.”

The Harajuku Ekimae Parties are made up of 4 teams. “Fuwa Fuwa“, the idol team, “Harajuku Otome“, the model team, “Harajuku Stage A“, the dance performances team, and “Pink Diamond” the acrobatics team. The clothes worn by the models will be sold at the shop on the same floor called “Area Harajuku”. This event will be held until August 31st.


Fuwa Fuwa


Harajuku Otome


Harajuku Stage A


Pink Diamond

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