Hajirai Rescue JPN Gear Up For Battle in the MV for “Haji Resu Namennayo!”

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Hajirai Rescue JPN Gear Up For Battle in the MV for “Haji Resu Namennayo!”

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Hajirai Rescue JPN are born to be wild in the yankii-inspired MV for “Haji Resu Namennayo!” from their Tower Records Japan limited mini-album “Haji Resu Namennayo! ~TawaReco BEST~” (release date: April 26)!

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In first release since the graduation of Soyoka Sakuragi and addition of Ririka and Kaori Saeki, Hajirai Rescue JPN seem to have upped their toughness in the track produced by NAOKI from the veteran punk band SA (Samurai Attack). Aoi Ichijo, who has been absent from the group recently, appears in the “yankii scenes” but is noticeably absent from the dance shots. Popular designer/producer KASICO returns to direct.

“Haji Resu Namennayo! ~TawaReco BEST~” will be limited to 500 copies and will be available at Tower Records stores across Japan as well as at Hajirai Rescue JPN events. In addition to in-store release events to promote the mini-album, Hajirai Rescue JPN will be holding Haji Resu Namennayo! vol.3 at Meguro Rockmaykan on March 28th. Further performers should be announced as the date draws closer.

Track List

01 HajiResu Namennayo!
02 If The Kids Are United(Sham 69 cover)
04 Music My Star
05 Maji★Chocolate
06 Suki kana Suki kamo JPN ver.
07 Ren’ai Panorama
08 Koi no Single Bell

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