Guso Drop Bare Their Fangs in the Savage MV for “Painfully violent”!

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Guso Drop Bare Their Fangs in the Savage MV for “Painfully violent”!

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Guso Drop scream through all adversities in the face-smashing MV for “Painfully violent” (release date: May 17)!

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Directed by Shintaro Muroya and filmed at Guso Drop’s stomping grounds Meguro Rockmaykan, the MV for “Painfully violent” more than lives up to its title visually with the members headbanging and being spattered with all sorts of suspicious-looking fluids. While there are some English lyrics, the fury and ferocity transcends language in a fierce performance from a group that keeps performing no matter what happens.

Guso Drop will be fighting their biggest battle as they look to conquer Zepp Tokyo for their one-man live “Kagirinaku Hanshateki ni Zecchou♀” on July 23rd.

Kagirinaku Hanshateki ni Zecchou♀
July 23, 2017
Zepp Tokyo
Open – 5:00pm Start – 6:00pm
Presale – 3,000 yen Door – 3,500 yen (+1 drink minimum)
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Painfully Violent / Guso Drop

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