This Is The Japanese Cosplay! Collaboration “#Guradoru Selfies Club” With Cosplay Costumes Will Be Sold & Release Events Coming Up!

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This Is The Japanese Cosplay! Collaboration “#Guradoru Selfies Club” With Cosplay Costumes Will Be Sold & Release Events Coming Up!

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Hashtag “#Guradoru Jigadori-Bu(#グラドル自画撮り部),” “#Gravure Idols Selfies Club” and the Cosplay Costume Company “clearstone” will be holding the collaboration project, “#Cosplay Jigadori Bu(#コスプレ自画撮り部) (Cosplay Selfies Club),” and the photobook and the costumes will be sold from June 6th, 2015 (Sat).

The cover of the photobook "#Cosplay Jigadori Bu"

The cover of the photobook “#Cosplay Jigadori Bu”

To celebrate the release of the photobook, there will be release events in Akihabara and Shinjuku, to take two-shot selfies with the Jigadori-club members. The release event in Akihabara will take place in Don Quijote Akihabara store on June 6, 2015 (Sat) and the event in Shinjuku will take place in Kinokuniya-shoten Shinjuku Minami store on June 13, 2015 (Sat).  This will be a great chance for the fans to experience selfies with your favorite gravure idols.

Collaboration #1
Cosplay Costumes Will Be Sold
The cosplay costumes series that were worn by the “Guradoru Jigadori Club” as a package model, will be sold at reasonable prices.

Yuka Kuramochi

Yuka Kuramochi

Saki Suzuki

Saki Suzuki

Hikaru Aoyama

Hikaru Aoyama

Product Name: SHELLY’S CLOSET Silver Lavel Series
Price: 2,990yen (+tax)
Models: Yuka Kuramochi, Saki Suzuki, Nanoka, Hiakru Aoyama, Mai Tsukamoto Saki Yoshida, Yusa Kawai
Release Date: June 6, 2015 (Sat)
Stores: Major Department Stores, Variety Shops, and Cosplay Costume Stores

Collaboration #2
Photobook release
The photobook by the photographer Yuji Susaki and the members of “#Cosplay Jigadori Bu” will be published as a photobook, all-colored photographs with 192 pages, big volume! Not only the photographs of the popular gravure idols modeling in the Cosplay costumes, but also, the book includes the photos of them taking selfies, as seen it from Mr.Susaki’s perspective.



Product Name: “#Cosplay Jigadori-bu Photo Bible”
Author: Yuji Susaki
Models: Yuka Kuramochi, Saki Suzuki, Nanoka, Hikaru Aoyama, Mai Tsukamoto, Saki Yoshida, Yusa Kawai
Release Date: June 6, 2015 (Sat)
Price: 2,776yen (+tax)
Pages: 192 pages, all colored
Size: 244mmx172mm
Publisher: clearstone inc.
Sale: Gambit
Stores: Big Book Retails, amazon etc.

Cosplay jidoribu 

Two-shot Selfies Event in Don Quijote Akihabara
Venue: Don Quijote Akihabara Store 5F Cosplay-kan
Date: June 6, 2015 (Sat)
Time: 15:00~
Participating members: Yuka Kuramochi, Saki Suzuki, Hikaru Aoyama, Mai Tsukamoto, Saki Yoshida, Yusa Kawai

Two-shot Jiga Checki Event in Kinokuniya-shoten Shinjuku Minami Store
Date: June 13, 2015 (Sat)
Start: 14:00~
Venue: Kinokuniya-Shoten Shinjuku Minami-ten 5F Special Floor
Participating members: Yuka Kuramochi, Nanoka, Hikaru Aoyama, Mai Tsukamoto, Saki Yoshida

For More Information: p=3272


Models: “#Guradoru Jigadori-Bu” (Gravure Idols Selfies Club)

"#Guradoru Jigadori Bu"

“#Guradoru Jigadori Bu”

"#Gradoru Jigadori Bu"

“#Gradoru Jigadori Bu”

This is one of the twitter phenomenon in Japan started out by popular Gravure Idol, Yuka Kuramochi, with the hashtag, “#Guradoru Jigadori-bu(#グラドル自画撮り部)” on her official twitter account. With the hashtag on twitter, being very accessible for both the participants and the audiences, as well as the scale of the spread being so wide, the hashtag became popular not just to fans, but also to the participants including models, cosplayers and even normal people.

Costumes: clearstone Inc.

Pioneer company of the costume design and production established in 2004. Their products used to be targeting the costumes to be used in parties in Japan, but after their 10th anniversary, the company collaborated with idol-group, Dempa-gumi Inc. and charismatic model, AMO, as well as opening official store in Ebisu Mitsukoshi and Omotesando Hills. The company is always finding their new methods and unique creation.

Photographer: Yuji Susaki

Born in Tokyo, 1963. After graduation Nichidai After graduating Nihon University College of Art Photography Faculty, moved to New York and experienced awakening that leads him to this day’s works. After coming back to Tokyo, he started to work with photography and printing. He has expanded his works to fashion and collaboration with many other creators and artists. After 2011, he has published, “sweet joshi,” “bon bon lolita,” “COSPLAY made in Japan.” In 2013, he has worked with clearstone Inc to create a collaboration photobook “DEMPA MODELS x 100 COSPLAY.” In 2012 and 2013, he was awarded for a competition in Paris (prix de la photographie paris competition). He has grasped many audiences with this works of mixing of fine art and subcultures.

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