Taito Station Akihabara: The Leader in Japanese Gaming! A Huge Arcade Offering a Large Variety of Games

Taito Station Akihabara: The Leader in Japanese Gaming! A Huge Arcade Offering a Large Variety of Games
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Taito Station Akihabara is located under a big space invader logo, and the large arcade spans first basement floor up to the fifth floor.

The basement floor is a purikura (print club/sticky pic) corner. At Taito Station Akihabara, you can take advantage of their free cosplay rental service. They have a wide variety from maids to anime characters. Worn like an apron in the front, the costumes are charming yet comfortable.
Hey-game-08 Hey-game-10 Hey-game-09

The first floor is dedicated to crane games. They have everything from the latest anime and popular character prizes, so it’s easy to lose track of time. Another plus is that the entrance conveniently faces the street.
Hey-game-13 Hey-game-11 Hey-game-14

The second floor offers other crane games as well as card games and so on, while the third floor is made up of driving and shooting games. The fourth floor is full of card games and video games, and the fifth floor is dedicated to music games.

Hey-game-19Hey-game-17 Hey-game-15Hey-game-20

Saaya, who likes music games, tried the popular Groove Coaster game that that is also available via smartphone app. It’s a game that you can play using your senses, and it’s fun to move to the beat of the music. Even if you’re playing for the first time, there isn’t any game here that you won’t be able to enjoy!

Taito Station Akihabara offers a large variety of games to enjoy. If you come to Akihabara, you should definitely visit it at least once! And, don’t miss the special offers by Taito Station Akihabara!



Photo by Tsubasa Ishiguchi
Translated by Jamie Koide

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Taito Station Akihabara
Address : Takami Bldg. 2-2 Sotokanda Yonchome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Akihabara
TEL : 03-5289-8445



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