Girls, No Matter Your Age, You Can Still Be a Princess! Enjoy Being Treated Like a Princess at “Princess one Spoon”!

Girls, No Matter Your Age, You Can Still Be a Princess! Enjoy Being Treated Like a Princess at “Princess one Spoon”!
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What do you imagine when you hear the word “princess”? I’m sure that many of you probably imagine girls wearing gorgeous dresses, living in a splendid castle, eating luxurious meals and overall living a life of elegance. Have you ever longed to be in the shoes of a princess just once? When you were a child, did you ever remember wearing a laced dress with your hair done up, and felt like a real princess?

No matter how old we get, as girls we’re going to want the chance to feel like a princess. And luckily, there’s a place in Harajuku that can satisfy that desire. The name of this place is “Princess one Spoon”. The shop opened in July 2015 and features their store around the concept of awakening “the desires that sleep within the hearts of all girls to get spoonful of what it’s like to be a princess. “Princess one Spoon” is located in the narrow alleys of Harajuku, in a building that looks like a real castle! The clock’s hands are even in the form of spoons to match with the store’s name!



Does the interior of the store look as cool as its exterior? Well, with great expectations, our girls Kumiko Funayama, Ai Matsumoto and Hikari Shiina stopped by at “Princess One Spoon” to find out!

Immediately after entering through the door of the store, they found themselves in the “Princess Room” – a shining world of glitter and glamour! The source of all that sparkling beauty was the accessory line-up fit for a princess! As soon as they entered, all three of our girls were exploding with excitement. The girls were lost in the excitement of it all, asking each other “what about this one?” or “does this one suit me?” as they ecstatically searched through the accessories to find their ideal match-up.





After finally selecting their accessories, the girls then walked into the “Ball room” – a room filled with sweets designed after the theme of “Princesses”. The interior was made up of chandeliers and chairs fit for princesses, so our girls were jumping with excitement over the wonder of it all. Visitors are allowed to take a seat in the princess chair below, so our girls naturally took the opportunity to do so and take a photo while they were at it!




Out of all sweets that were available, Hikari fell in love with the “Poison apple-themed” candy! But don’t worry, you can rest easy because this candy doesn’t actually have poison inside! There’s no doubt that this candy would make the ideal souvenir to take back home to friends and family!




Our three girls had an absolute blast in both the “Princess Room” and the “Ball Room”, having fully satisfied their desires to feel like real princesses, but there was one thing that they were all very curious about. It was the existence of the “Forbidden Room” that they felt so curious about. The room is dark, making it impossible to see what the inside of the room looks like from the outside. What on earth could be inside? If you’d like to find out, you should visit “Princess One Spoon” and discover it for yourself!


Photo by kobadog
Translated by Cheryl Coyle

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Princess one Spoon TOKYO
Address : 4-27-4 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Harajuku
TEL : 03-6434-7017



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