Get Your Ultimate Lolita Experience at “Maison de julietta”! Meet the New You with Lolita Fashion!

Get Your Ultimate Lolita Experience at “Maison de julietta”! Meet the New You with Lolita Fashion!
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When most hear the word “Shibuya” think “Gyaru” (for those who aren’t familiar with this word, it’s the term for a girl that has died her hair brown or blonde and wears gaudy clothes and accessories). When someone mentions “Harajuku” on the other hand, most won’t be able to give you a clear answer because it’s just so vague. We at Tokyo Girls Update personally believe that Harajuku is best described as a place where many young people gather to enjoy embracing fashions that scream individuality and uniqueness.

One of those fashion subcultures that you’ll see plenty of girls in Harajuku religiously following, is Lolita fashion. Presently in the Harajuku area, you’ll find many fashion stores selling Lolita fashion. However, this style of clothing will take quite a toll on your wallet. Let’s face it, Lolita clothing is expensive. The one place you can experience Lolita fashion without having to buy it, is in LAFORET, Harajuku. LAFORET, is a key landmark in Harajuku, and is well known as a great shopping spot for brands that have plenty of individuality. On basement level 1.5 of LAFORET “Maison de julietta”; your gateway the ultimate Lolita experience. When we heard about this store we just had to bring our Shibuya models Kumiko Funayama and Hikari Shiina with us to try out the experience.


The first thing that caught our girls’ attention was the sheer number of outfits and accessories available at the store.


There are roughly 30 different outfits to choose from, and once the girls were told by one of the staff that they could try on any one of their choosing, they began bursting with excitement. “How about this one~?”, the girls said back and forth for ten minutes until finally deciding their outfits. Then, it was time to try on the outfits for real!




And so we come to one of the most amazing parts about Maison de julietta! The store’s resident professional makeup artist will give you a full make over; doing both your hair and your make up. Wigs can also be rented at an additional cost.


These are our girls after their transformations! After being transformed, you’ll then get your photos taken by their resident professional photographer.


All in all, at Maison de julietta your “Lolita Fashion experience” will give you Lolita clothing rental, professional make up and a photo shoot. Here, age and nationality does not matter, so anyone experience Lolita fashion. The experience will surely leave you with great memories, so please be sure to visit Maison de julietta if you visit Harajuku!

Photo by kobadog
Translated by Cheryl Coyle

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Maison de julietta
Address : LAFORET B1.5F 1-11-6, Jingu-mae, Sibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Harajuku
TEL : 03-6434-5464



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