JAPANCREPE Harajuku: A Rice Flour Crepe Specialty Store Making Crepes from 100% Japanese Rice Flour!

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JAPANCREPE Harajuku: A Rice Flour Crepe Specialty Store Making  Crepes from 100% Japanese Rice Flour!
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When you walk through the back alley of Takeshita Street in Harajuku, you’ll come across a crepe shop with a relaxing atmosphere. JAPANCREPE Harajuku, a specialty crepe shop, doesn’t use an ounce of wheat or wheat gluten, but only 100% domestic Japanese rice flour. This concept came from the owner’s wishes for people with wheat flour allergies to be able to enjoy desserts as well.

This time, Renalee tried three different types of crepes: a (strawberry) cream puff crepe, a chesnut and sweet potato crepe, and a banana crepe with chocolate crepe batter! The shop even provides extra services like free additional whipped cream and chocolate crepe batter (provided every so often).

First, the Harajuku limited cream puff crepe! The edge was nice and crispy but the crepe itself was still fluffy. It was hard to believe there wasnʼt any wheat flour used! Renalee was surprised by the interesting texture! There was whipped cream until the brim and the crepe was delicious until the very end.
img-japan-crepe-25img-japan-crepe-28img-japan-crepe-09 img-japan-crepe-11 img-japan-crepe-15 img-japan-crepe-17

The average chocolate batter crepe is usually moist and chewy!
img-japan-crepe-33 img-japan-crepe-34 img-japan-crepe-35

While we were surprised by the texture, we were also surprised by how rich the chesnut paste was.
img-japan-crepe-02 img-japan-crepe-22 img-japan-crepe-24

Not only does JAPANCREPE provide rice flour crepes, but the fruits used in the crepes come from trustful farmers from the ownerʼs hometown. The owner is very particular about the ingredients. JAPANCREPEʼs crepes are each carefully made as if they were cakes and it is a place where you can really tell how much love and effort they put into creating such desserts!

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Address : Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1-15-1 via Harajuku 1F
Nearest Station : Harajuku
TEL : 03-3408-2828



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