One and Only! Go Have Your Afternoon Tea with Real Live Japanese Ganguro Gyaru!

One and Only! Go Have Your Afternoon Tea with Real Live Japanese Ganguro Gyaru!
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Here are one of the hottest spots in Shibuya, Ganguro Café. Ganguro literally means “tanned face” and the word is used for describing gyaru with their skin tanned like the girls in this article’s pictures. Ganguro gyaru is kind of extreme style of gyaru and it is said that ganguro gyaru’s boom ended along with gyaru culture’s inactivity recently. However, here still ganguro gyaru exists.

As we entered the café, 4 Ganguro Gyarus invited us in. Each girl had their own style with different colorful decorations all over.


ganguro-cafe-shibuya-28 ganguro-cafe-shibuya-27 ganguro-cafe-shibuya-26

They first explained the menu for us. Our course came with a drink, Ganguro balls, and a souvenir of a CD or mask of your choice. They also have a course where you can experience Gyaru makeup (they do it for you) and take purikura with them at a nearby game center.

The Gyarus that work at Ganguro Café belong to a group called Black Diamond and they actually have already released 2 CDs! For a souvenir you can chose either their CD or a mask which is the same size as the actual gyaru for you to become a gyaru any time you want!

ganguro-cafe-shibuya-02 ganguro-cafe-shibuya-01

Alisa and Tina also tried out the Ganguro Balls. They look like takoyaki but inside, there’s sausage, and cheese and outside is black, using squid ink along with ketchup and mayo on top.

ganguro-cafe-shibuya-17 ganguro-cafe-shibuya-15

In the end they danced Para Para for us. Tina said she was very excited and looked very curiously at their decorations. Alisa and Tina tried out the Ganguro sunglasses and took pictures enjoying their time at the café.

ganguro-cafe-shibuya-20 ganguro-cafe-shibuya-13

Photo by Yosuke Mochizuki

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Ganguro Cafe
Address : 2F, CREA Dogenzaka Building, 2-22-6, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Shibuya



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