Choice On Choice: The One Place You Can Get a Taste of This Patented Heart-shaped Ice Cream!

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Choice On Choice: The One Place You Can Get a Taste of This Patented Heart-shaped Ice Cream!
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If you visit the JOL food court on the second floor of Harajuku SoLaDo, you’ll find Choice On Choice, an establishment that sells heart-shaped ice cream and steamed pancakes.

Choice On Choice offers a range of eight different types of ice cream and steamed pancakes, and it also has limited-edition special varieties, too. The best thing about them all? They’re unbelievably cute! As well as standard flavors such as strawberry and chocolate, they also have Japanese-style flavors such as green tea and azuki bean.
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There’s so much choice, we weren’t sure what to pick at first, but eventually Renalee opted for the “Strawberry Berries” flavor. They decorate it with sauce and whipped cream right before your eyes! The tartness of the berries goes perfectly with the sweetness of the ice cream.

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The heart-shaped treats aren’t just delicious, they’re also super-exclusive – Choice On Choice has patented their creation! The patent applies to the special heart-shaped ice cream mold that’s used to freeze the ice cream. This was apparently an idea thought up by Choice On Choice’s owner, Yasuro Inoue!

The usual method is to insert the filling through a hole in the bottom, then place the ice-cream stick into the hole before freezing. Choice On Choice, however, uses their own special ice cream mold which is made from soft material, which allows the staff to insert the stick through the side, and then freeze the ice cream in a flat position. This easy method allows even the smallest shop to create a large number of ice creams, provided they have enough of the special ice cream molds. Choice On Choice regularly produces 500 ice creams a day!

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Heart-shaped ice creams can also be found in Paris or New York, but only Choice On Choice has those filled using the special technique invented by Inoue-san, which allows for the creation of a wide range of super-cute designs!

Translated Evie Lund

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Choice On Choice
Address : SoLaDo Takeshita Street 2F, Jingumae 1-8-2, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Harajuku
TEL : 03-6438-9987



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