“Chancafe” : Produced by Fudanjuku and Filled with Cool Chanmen! Make Your Heart Skip a Beat!

“Chancafe” : Produced by Fudanjuku and Filled with Cool Chanmen! Make Your Heart Skip a Beat!
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Takeshita Street” is a undoubtedly a very famous symbol of Harajuku. The neighbourhood of “Takeshita Street” is considered the main area of Harajuku, which I’m sure many of you can tick off and say “Been there done that”. But do you know about the “Ura-Harajuku“(The backstreets of Harajuku)? The “Ura-Harajuku area is filled with narrow roads, hidden cafes and stylish variety stores. Within this area you’ll find “Cat Street”, where you’ll find many stores that are great fun, even just for window shopping.

In “Cat Street” there is said to be a strangely unique cafe. It goes by the name of “Chancafe” and was created with the help of “Fudanjuku”. At Chancafe, you’ll be greeted by a cast of “Chan Man” or “change man” and is basically a cafe where you are served by women dressed as men. Here, you won’t just see women wearing men’s clothes, but you can also become a male version of yourself by becoming a “Chan Man”.

In regards to Fudanjuku, we have previously uploaded quite a few photos to our website, and this group has apparently gathered quite a female fan base. Check out our latest article on Fudanjuku:

At Chancafe there were also plenty of female customers. There were even quite a lot of girls that were doting over these “Chan Men”. Our girls Kumiko Funayama and Hikari Shiina took the time to visit “Chancafe” to see what all the hype was about.

The entrance of the cafe was very stylish, having been made out of wood, so the girls felt even more excitement for what was to come.


The girls were then seated in a spacious sofa. The server that took the girls’ order was Taiyoh, and right from the get go the girls were almost jumping out of their seats with pure excitement!


Chancafe not only provides an abundance of drinks to choose from, but also has a substantial range of food and desserts and thus can be enjoyed for its facilities as a cafe in itself. However, if you want to enjoy Chancafe to its fullest, we highly recommend that you order the cake set. In addition to giving you two different kinds of cakes and a drink, this set will give you the privilege of choosing one phrase that a cast member will say for you. It’s a system in which you choose from one of the 20 phrases that have been prepared by the staff of the cafe, and a cast member will say that phrase for you.

“Hmm… Which phrase should I get them to say for me?”, each of the girls wondered.


Kumiko asked Tiger to say the phrase “You’ve gotten even cuter lately haven’t you? What’s going go happen if you keep making my heart pound like this?”


The phrase that Hikari wanted to hear wasn’t on the 20 phrase list, but as she wanted to hear it so badly, Hikaru’s server Show chose to say the phrase for her anyway as a special service! While gripping Hikari’s hand, Show whispered in her hear “I want to suck your blood”, and with that she became overwhelmed with excitement!


Unfortunately, the cafe will close by the end of September, but for those in Japan, we hope you take this unique opportunity to be spoiled with the kind of heart throbbing experience that our girls did! On your visit we are sure you’ll meet a “Chan Man” that will suit your taste!

Just before leaving, the girls took a photo with their favorite cast member to remember their time at “Chan Man”!


Kumiko took her photo with Tiger.


Hikari on the other hand, couldn’t find it in her to choose just one cast member so she took her photo with both Show and Taiyou.


Photo by kobadog
Translated by Cheryl Coyle

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Address : 4-26-35 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Harajuku
TEL : 080-4422-9777



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