Pikarin Sempai Returns to Teach Class at “BLEA Gakuen”, the Mysterious Academy of Japanese Gyaru!

Pikarin Sempai Returns to Teach Class at “BLEA Gakuen”, the Mysterious Academy of Japanese Gyaru!
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Shibuya is known for being the birthplace of Gyaru culture, and even now, Japanese Gyaru continue to gather there. Hidden away in the back streets, far from Shibuya 109 and Baseball Street, there is a mysterious school named BLEA Gakuen. This a school where you can learn about fashion, make up, nail art, and beauty where students are able to get a diploma in each high school department as well as specialized departments, and university department.


However, those who gather here are mostly students who are interested in Gyaru culture. There are a lot of graduates who model in Gyaru magazines, and a large number of students aim to be involved with the fashion industry. Thus, BLEA Gakuen is definitely a holy temple for those hoping to learn the ways of the Gyaru.



This time Kumiko Funayama, Ai Matsumoto, and Hikari Shiina visited BLEA Gakuen as reporters! In fact, Hikari Shiina is a graduate of the high school department of BLEA Gakuen, so it became a sort of homecoming for her. “Pikarin sempai, notice me!”


According to Hikari, “BLEA Gakuen is a school full of freedom, where you can learn anything about fashion”. The first thing you see when you enter school is the teachers’ room, and as soon as they opened the door, Hikari started a lively conversation with one of her former teachers and the place was full of laugher. We heard that Hikari had been a lone-wolf kind of personality and didn’t hang out too much with her classmates.


Next, they interviewed three students of BLEA Gakuen, who were in the lounge area. It seemed like all of them were interested in anything related to “fashion” and “gyaru”. One of the students had extremely long artificial nails, and all three reporters were surprised at the length!

blea-kawaii-asia-08 blea-kawaii-asia-10

And at last, the main event “Hikari Shiina’s special class” was held. The graduate Hikari became a teacher for an hour! And the theme was… “Unidentified Mysterious Animals”!?


Hikari talked about her life experiences of how she entered the modeling industry, and how she found her new character of “Makai” (A place of demons/A world of spirits), and answered questions from the students. When Hikari asked, “Do you have a future dream?”, each student was able to speak clearly about their goals such as “wanting to become a hair and make-up artist”, and all three reporters were deeply reassured for the future of Gyaru culture.

blea-kawaii-asia-15 blea-kawaii-asia-19

When the class came to an end, Hikari shared a scary story that she experienced, and everyone was shocked! At last, Hikari advised to the students, “Be careful so that you won’t be involved in any frightening experiences, since you are all cute high school students”. It seems like her advice was related to her scary story. It’s so scary that it should not be repeated!


At the very end, they all took a selfie with the students and the three reporters left the classroom. BLEA Gakuen is school in Shibuya where you can learn anything about fashion, so please visit if you have a chance!


The second from the left : BLEA’s teacher “Sanomai” sensei

Photo by kobadog
Translated by Serina

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BLEA Gakuen
Address : Shibuya 2-17-3 Aibisu Building, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Shibuya
TEL : 03-5468-0811



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