Bakudan Yaki Honpo Harajuku SoLaDo : JUMBO Size Takoyaki!? Popular Snack for Teens

Bakudan Yaki Honpo Harajuku SoLaDo : JUMBO Size Takoyaki!? Popular Snack for Teens
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With its first location in Ikebukuro, Bakudan Yaki Honpo is expanding throughout the country. Using the best parts of of okonomiyaki, monjayaki and takoyaki, they created a new eating experience. The outside is crispy, the inside is creamy, and with a size of 8cm and weight of 200g it has a substantial feeling. It is particularly popular among young people so you can often see long lines of people in front of the store!

img-bakudanyaki-honpo-05 img-bakudanyaki-honpo-10
This time we visited the Bakudan Yaki Honpo located in the Harujuku SoLaDo JOL Foodcourt on the 2nd floor. It is right near the Foodcourt entrance.
Rinari ordered the location’s limited menu item, Butter Soy Sauce. BakudanYaki Honpo’s menu has over 10 different options like Japanese-style Teriyaki Mayonaise or Double Seasoned Cod Roe. As you may suspect, it seems that the most popular menu items are the Regular and the limited Butter Soy Sauce.

We imagined takoyaki and okonomiyaki as we began to eat, but were surprised by the ingredients inside. It contains a mixture of 10 ingredients: quail eggs, weiners, squid, short neck clams, shimeji mushrooms, small rice flour dumplings, corn, fried dough bits, cabbage, and pickled ginger.


Bakudanyaki is made by thinking about nutritional balance and creating a fun eating experience, so when you visit Harujuku plesse have a look and try for yourself!



Translated by Caitlin Belli

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Bakudan Yaki Honpo Harajuku
Address : 1-8-2 Jinguu Mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Harajuku Sorando 2F Foodcourt
Nearest Station : Harajuku
TEL : 03-3746-0089



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