Our Experience as Producers at Idol-Promotion Cafe: AKIHABARA Backstage pass!

Our Experience as Producers at Idol-Promotion Cafe: AKIHABARA Backstage pass!
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AKIHABARA Backstage pass is located on the 6th floor of AKIBA Cultures ZONE and if you take the elevator, it will take you right to the entrance. If it’s your first time there, one of the “idol cast” (term for the female staff who are also working towards becoming full-fledged idols) members will explain to you how the system works. Although there are no guarantees if they will be there everyday, there are several of the idols that speak English (as well as other languages) too!

Without any further delay, we enter the cafe!
At AKIHABARA Backstage pass, or as it is commonly referred to, “Bakusute“, the concept is that the customers are “producers”. You can support whichever of the “idol cast” that you take an interest in, promote them, and produce them by accumulating points and “pushing” them. Each producer’s push is tallied and the top ranked cast will receive more chances to be known as an idol. This is a place where many young women aiming to become an idol gather!
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At the furthest end of the cafe is a stage where there are several performances held daily. Luckily, Saaya and Moco were able to get good seats up in front and watch one of the performances. How many other places can you see idols singing and dancing this close up while sitting comfortably?
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At this sort of cafe you would expect the food to be nothing special but it is actually really delicious! This is one of the reasons that AKIHABARA Backstage pass is so popular. Saaya had a hamburger steak and Moco ordered curry and they were both quite satisfying.

And you can also order alcoholic beverages!

AKIHABARA Backstage pass is different than a typical cafe in that there is a time limit to how long you can stay (unless you keep ordering food and drinks, that is) so if you want to leave after an hour, just let one of the idol cast know 15 minutes before you plan to leave. If you wish to extend your time by 30 minutes, a 350 yen charge is added to your bill and you are required to order something off of the menu to do so. Be careful not to lose track of time when you come here!
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To all of you thinking that the fun ends when you pay your bill and go home, there is a way to keep enjoying your experience even if you can’t make it back to AKIHABARA Backstage pass! Everyone who becomes a producer acquires points on their card every time they visit but, if you login to the AKIHABARA Backstage pass website, you can also receive 1 point for every day that you do and use those points to push the idol cast you want to support! Don’t forget!

AKIHABARA Backstage pass is a place where you can actually get a sense of supporting and pomoting an idol so if you are interested in Japanese idols; this is a place you should definitely check out when you’re in Tokyo!

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AKIHABARA Backstage pass
Address : AKIBA Cultures ZONE 6F, Soto-Kanda 1-7-6, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Akihabara
TEL : 03-5298-5286



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