Celebrating The Live Action Movie’s Release! Ghost in the Shell Cosplay Special Feature

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Celebrating The Live Action Movie’s Release! Ghost in the Shell Cosplay Special Feature

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Starting with it’s launch in the United States on March 30, the Hollywood film “Ghost in the Shell” is scheduled for release in 50 countries all over the world sequentially.

Japanese artist Masamune Shirow’s popular sci-fi manga has become a live-action film, and the expectations keep rising with the Japanese release date of April 7.

Celebrating the release of the film in Japan here are some Ghost in the Shell cosplayers that I would like to introduce. There are also comments from those who love the franchise included as well.

Shin’ :


Here is the Diver outfit from the second half of Masamune Shirow’s first original work. Titled Diver Down, they have become a figure of Vice. (


Here is the outfit from when they made the dive into the net from Masamune Shirow’s second original work.


The civilian clothing from Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex. By using fire, it was possible to include plumes of smoke in the photograph.


The ninja outfit that appeared in many fight scenes from the Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex series. Photographed in an abandoned factory.

Musashi :



Motoko : Chiya, Batou : Kikou Master, Togusa : Musashi

The first time I encountered Ghost in the Shell was when Director Kamiyama’s Stand Along Complex series would happen to be on TV. From there I watched “Innocence” and got pulled into it completely. For me, the one that I like from the entire series is Director Oshii’s “Ghost in the Shell”. There are times where I want to watch it excessively. Even though it’s from more than 20 years ago, for Hollywood to make it into a film now, as a fan I’m happy even though for better or worse it will cause a lot of people to learn about it. A really good work will not fade no matter how much time has passed. I pray that the Hollywood version will be a beloved work even 20 years later as well.

Mizotty :


Pazu from Solid State Society


Not a cosplay but a plastic model from Ghost in the Shell.


With an April release date, they are watching over the cherry blossoms around the clock!




I’m happy if the hacker behind the Puppet Master in 1995’s “Ghost in the Shell” appears in the film.

Mike :


Motoko and Batou. A scene from “Innocence”.


ARISE Motoko (Electronic Brain Air Space)

The Electronic Brain Air Space was created using the water’s surface and a projector. It was quite difficult to get the outfit to reflect/refract the light.


Motoko, Batou, Togusa from Ghost in the Shell

No matter which version of Ghost in the Shell it might be, I love when any time these 3 are present. It was unexpectedly difficult to get these 3 cosplayers together so I’m grateful that it was possible!


Motoko from Solid State Society

The feeling of complete desolation summed up in Director Kamiyama’s Solid State Society series. With this sort of mood lingering in the air, I’m quite fond of this picture.

With it’s popularity enduring for more than 20 years, the variety of cosplay is quite rich! No matter which photo it was, the love of the original work can be felt. Expectations are high for the Hollywood adaptation.

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