GEM-bei? GEM Debut Summer Jinbei Fashion at Akiba Cultures Theater!

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GEM-bei? GEM Debut Summer Jinbei Fashion at Akiba Cultures Theater!

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GEM brought all the energy and excitement of a summer festival to the stage of Akiba Cultures Theater during the August 21st performance of their regular live series GEM Live Mixture 2016 ~4th STAGE~!


Celebrating the 18th birthday of Maaya Takeda, who is currently studying abroad in Los Angeles, the members had their nails done in her gem’s color Star Ruby red. The GEMily (fans) also did their part by simultaneously taking out red cyalumes as soon as GEM’s opening music began playing, waving them as the members took the stage.

With the first half of the performance including “Fine! ~fly for the future~”, “Star Shine Story”, “FLY NOW!!”, “Spotlight” and “Tears in the sky”, GEM wove threads that connected the members in Japan with Maaya in the United States. With the members offstage, a video played on the screen, leader Yuki Kanazawa and new member Hirari Nishida discussing things that people in Japan do during the summer, the theme of the day. The screen went black and when the lights came back on, Nishida returned to the stage in a jinbei calling out, “If we’re talking about summer, how’s this?”


Kanazawa let it slip that Maho Iyama looked way too comfortable in the traditional Japanese clothes which were generally worn by men and children. Iyama retorted that one of her summer memories was when she went to a festival and was drenched by the rain while eating a buttered potato. Jurin Kumashiro commented that since GEM had yet to have an outing together since they became an 11-member group, she expressed her wish to have a BBQ before the summer ended.

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