Did You Hear? GEM Revealed the MV for Their 4th Single “Baby, Love me!”

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Did You Hear? GEM Revealed the MV for Their 4th Single “Baby, Love me!”

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GEM have added an update to their discography with the MV for their 4th single “Baby, Love me!” (release date: September 30)!

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In their first MV since “Star Shine Story” (release date: December 17, 2014) and announcement of Chisami Ito’s temporary hiatus following GEM’s 2nd anniversary live, the members enter a virtual reality world. The story focuses on Maaya Takeda and Rana Murakami but, everyone else meets up with them and they dance off into the sunset. Unfortunately, the technology wasn’t good enough to include Chisami Ito at this time. Hopefully, she will come back before their 5th single?

“Baby, Love me!” will be released in a CD/Blu-ray version as well as mu-mo shop/event exclusive music cards and CD. The Blu-ray includes the MV and making of video for “Baby, Love me!” and the coupling song for all versions is titled “The Brand-New Girl”. While it is difficult to get the mu-mo/event exclusive music cards and CD outside of Japan, you can see what the music cards for “Baby, Love me!” look like as shown above. GEM will also be releasing their 2016 calendar soon so make sure you order it before it sells out!

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Baby, Love me! / GEM

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