GEM Reveals a Glittering Visual for their 5th Single “Fine! ~fly for the future~”

GEM Reveals a Glittering Visual for their 5th Single “Fine! ~fly for the future~”

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10 girls group “GEM” unveiled the new artwork for their 5th single “Fine! ~fly for the future~” which will be released on March 23rd.

During the concert that was held at Nakano Sun Plaza on January 17th, Maaya Takeda announced she will take a hiatus from GEM activities as idol and study abroad in Los Angeles for two years.
So, this work “Fine! ~fly for the future~” would be the last single before Takeda’s haiatus.

This song is a send off song for Takeda and the visuals which make heavy use of Takeda’s star ruby (red) color were something that we had not seen before.

Most members of GEM have been taking singing and dance lessons since they were very young and have had lots of time in preparation before their debut. This makes the performance skill of the members the group’s main weapon.
Until now stylish visuals were common, but this song shows a cute side which we have not seen before.

The song is set to be released in March, the season of school entrance and graduation in Japan. The cheerful song, which gives a supportive push to those attempting new challenges, fits the season perfectly.

Maaya Takeda

Maaya Takeda

Maya Takeda, who will go study abroad in Los Angeles in June this year, spoke of her burning determination: “Fine! ~fly for the future~ contains many supportive lyrics such as “Let’s go grab hold of a new dream” which give me courage! The dance has some parts which are easy for everyone to copy too, so I would love it if everybody danced along!
“Regarding the costumes, I love them so much that I personally thought, ‘This is the kind of costume I have been waiting for!’ I think you will be able to see a sophisticated GEM which is different from the stylish GEM which you have seen up until now!
“This will be my last song before I go study abroad in LA, but I hope to improve all my skills, including my singing, dancing and language skills, so that I can bring GEM to the world.
“I will come back from LA with enough ability to lead GEM forward.”

The group’s leader Yuki Kanazawa, who will be seeing Takeda off, had the following to say: “I want to bring this song to many people and give a supportive push to those who are trying hard. This song will be the last one for a while which we make as ten people, and every time I sing it I remember all the experiences that we have had up until now!
“I think that when we sing this song at concerts there is a lot of eye contact between members. The bonds between the 10 of us naturally come out. I think this must be a precious song for each and every one of us!
“Maya will be leaving Japan to go study in LA. The other nine of us can feel her passion and think we have to do even better than that! We will all work hard so that when us nine meet up with Maya again GEM will be the greatest it has ever been!”

GEM will hold their on-man concert on May 3rd at Matsushita IMP Hall, Osaka and on May 8th at Shinagawa StellarBall. In addition, they will be holding their regular performance series “GEM Live Mixture 2016 ~3rd STAGE~” at Shinjuku BLAZE on February 26th and March 28th.

Their star shine story is going on still more!

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